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Play The Free Online Casino Slot Machine Divine Fortune

Netent’s journey of providing the best slots to its users in on a smooth ride towards success. The Divine Fortune slot adds to the catalogue of already captivating slots that differentiate Netent as the best.

Having won our hearts, the Divine Fortune slot is deemed to win the heart of everyone who tries it.

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Divine Fortune Slot Machine Review

Based on captivating Ancient Greek Mythology, the Divine Fortune slot is made to impress. With captivating themes and an attractive game play, the Divine Fortune slot has created the right mixture of anticipation and excitement within the users. The slot is a progressive video slot and has cool Ancient Greek features that are bound to leave any avid slot player in awe.

The slot is a strong attempt at replicating the rich Greek Mythology through its various different aspects. The addition of Ancient Greek Symbols has meant that the overall relativity of the slot with the Ancient Greek theme increases. Some of the symbols that are featured include Medusa, Minotaur, and Phoenix, all three of whom are prehistoric symbols that were part of the Ancient Greek culture.

The Divine Fortune Slot includes 5 reels and 20 basic paylines. The slot carries on the motive of Netent to reach out to every casino lover by offering the option to go for a minimum extreme of 20p and a maximum extreme of 100 pounds per spin. The extremes are very similar to those of every other slot that Netent has offered to the market recently. The slot machine is embellished with various captivating symbols that play a huge part in transporting the user into the mystic lands of Ancient Greece.

The amount of time and effort that Netent has put into creating this slot is very evident through the different graphics in it. The time and effort have all resulted in a beautiful rendition of the theme and Netent deserves all the accolades it gets for this grand slot.

The complexity of the game focuses on both the experienced player and the beginner. The complexity is a bit more than the other slots, but even if you are a new user, you will find your way along the slot pretty easily. The fact that the game was released just recently means that Netent has had the time and mechanism to inculcate the most intriguing mobile technology in the game to make the maximum impression on the user. The smart phone version is as impressive as the online desktop version and creates a very vivid experience even while played on some of the older phones in the market.

Having talked about the theme of the slot and the atmosphere around it, discussing a few of the features will make you further equipped with the knowledge of the Divine Fortune slot. The game follows a standard Netent routine but there are 4 basic features that you can enjoy while going through the game.

1.    Re-spins available on the falling wilds

The occurrence of this feature takes place when there is a sudden wild on the reels. Once the wild drops down a position, a free spin will be guaranteed for you. The same routine will keep repeating until the wild tends to disappear from the Reels. The feature adds to the overall experience of the game as we all love the concept of free spins. The free spins will keep repeating as per the appearance of the wild in the reels.

2.    A wild on a wild

A very rare occurrence, this tends to happen when an overlay wild plummets on top of a normal wild. This event will lead to another series of events which can be called as a wildception. The fall of an overlay wild on top of a normal wild will mean that the wilds will start expanding. The wilds will expand and eventually take over the place of every other reel. The Reel would now contain all wilds for you to play with. In short, you will be directed to bigger winnings whenever there is a once in a blue moon occurrence of a wild on a wild.

3.    Jackpot Bonus

The Jackpot Bonus, which is another method to get to the winnings, has to do a lot with the Bonus symbol. The occurrence of this takes place when there are either 3 or more Bonus symbols on the reel. The feature will offer you the jackpot of many additional random bonus symbols on the reel. The bonus symbols can be used to get you more cash winnings.

4.    The Free Spins feature

The Divine fortune slot offers a chance for the users to enjoy huge winnings. The last feature is known as the free spins feature. While free spins can be received from the wild symbol as well, the free spins symbol in its original form adds to the number of winnings. In the case of 3 or more symbols of free spins being displayed on the reels, a free spin will be given to the user. Although the number of total Free Spins through this is limited to 5, but Free Spins can still additionally be enjoyed by the methods mentioned above.

All of the features ensure that the adrenaline is rushing through the course of the game. The features not only spice up the slot but also create a very animated in-game experience. Overall, Netent has done a very good job at creating the perfect link between the mystic Ancient Greek times and the fun of an online slot.

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