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Play The Free Online Slot Machine ThunderStruck 2

ThunderStruck is one of the most popular online slot machines ever made

ThunderStruck 2

Play ThunderStruck Free Slots Game For Fun Here:



Thunderstruck 2 online slots review

In the old days of slots games, we were content to drive down to the local casino, pay for parking, stand in queues and put up with crowds of people just to play our favourite slots games. Now in the new digital age of mobile communication and electronic funds transfers, we are no longer happy with this setup, demanding our games come to us that we can play instantly and without fuss. The online casinos heard our cry and over the years have developed hundreds, if not thousands of online slots games for us to enjoy on our laptops, computers and mobile phones. One the best of these is Thunderstruck 2, a dynamic and powerfully entertaining slots game that is set to take you on a mythical adventure, the likes of which you have never seen.

By Odin's beard!

Thunderstruck 2 is no normal slots game, this is no simple 3 reel slot with a "Spin" button and some random images to differentiate it. The game is one of the most feature rich online slots games you will find, it sports 5 reels and Microgaming's "243 ways to win" system that replaces the more conventional "pay-lines". Microgaming is well-known in the casino gaming industry as being a leader in casino games development, so the quality of Thunderstruck 2 stands out as top notch, looks gorgeous and plays beautifully.

The entire theme of Thunderstruck 2 is based on Thor, the Norse god of thunder; not to be confused with the Marvel character that is in fact based on the original Norse myth. Microgaming have instead produced an original slots game based on the Norse myth, which includes such characters as the Valkyrie, who were Odin's twelve handmaidens with the express instruction to ferry warriors who died in battle to the land of Valhalla.

ThunderStruck Slot Machine Symbols

The visual elements of the game really bring out the feeling of the Norse gods of myth, with beautifully drawn images of each of the 4 main characters, the Thunderstruck 2 logo symbol standing in as the wild symbol and Thor's mythical hammer "Mjolnir" playing the part of the scatter symbol.

The halls of Valhalla

While Thunderstruck 2 is a non-progressive video slots game, the "243 ways to win" certainly makes up for it. The coin size for betting sits at 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05 while you can bet up to 10 coins at a time. This puts your minimum bet at 0.30 and your maximum bet at 15.00 while the maximum jackpot sits at a whopping 2 430 000 Coins (1000 x 10 Coins x 243 Ways)! But the real fun and entertainment from Thunderstruck 2 comes from the gods themselves, each one producing their own bonus "Hall of spins" with unique prizes. The four main halls are for the Valkyrie, Loki, Odin and finally the god of thunder himself, Thor.

ThunderStruck 2 Free Spins Games



The first hall of the Valkyrie will offer you 10 re-triggering free spins and a 5 times multiplier, while Loki, the god of mischief and owner of the second hall gives you 15 free spins and magically turns random symbols into wild symbols with bursts of animated lightning. The third hall belongs to Odin, the all-father and king of the gods in Asgard; he offers the player 20 free spins while dispatching his personal ravens Muninn and Huginn to convert random symbols into multipliers that multiply all winnings by 2 or 3 times. If you are really lucky you get to see both ravens land on the same symbol giving you a 6 times multiplier! The last hall of course belongs to Thor, who brings you 25 free spins and a rolling reels feature with up to a 5 times multiplier.

ThunderStruck 2 Slots Bonus Game

Another feature of Thunderstruck 2 is the "Wildstorm" bonus game which is randomly triggered and provides the player one free spin with anywhere between 1 and 5 of the reels turning into wild reels. This bonus round can offer some marvellously substantial winning combinations, while the final "Gamble" feature allows you to a chance to double or quadruple any winnings you have.

All in all, Thunderstruck 2 is a really impressive looking game, offering enormous rewards, a whole host of bonus features and mini games while providing substantial dynamic gameplay that brings these ancient legends to life!



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