Online Roulette Game

Online Roulette Game

The thrill and excitement that surrounds the casino table game of Roulette is not found on any other casino game, and with players always having the very real chance of winning some huge amounts of cash in a very short period of time this game is one many players always look forward to playing.



Top 10 Roulette Tips


Below we have compiled a range of playing hints and tips that you may be interested to learn about if you do fancy playing Roulette online in the near future, and as such we invite you to read through these top 10 Roulette tips and remember them!



Avoid Bonus Bets


There are some online Roulette games which offer a wide range of optional side bets, but you are best off avoiding placing those additional wagering options for they always come with very high house edges, and even though you may think on first glance that the bonus payouts are worth taking, a series of losing outcomes on those bonus bets will eat away at your Roulette playing bankroll and will reduce both your playing pleasure and your winning chances!



Avoid the Bucket Bet


There is one bet available on the American Roulette game which has the highest house edge of any bet you can place on the betting layout, and this is the wager that covers the single and double zeros along with the numbers one, two and three. Whilst you should not play American Roulette (for the reasons why see below) if you find yourself playing this poor paying variant then that bet is the worst one you can place, so never place it!



Wager Sensibly


 Sometimes when playing Roulette online or for that matter in a land based casino a player may suddenly go slightly mad, by this we mean they lose all sense of reality and will start to place wagers all over the betting layout as if they are never going to have the chance to play the game ever again!


Keep a level head when playing any variant of Roulette and stick to you preset betting limits, for over-wagering and placing wagers on every single number will often result in you losing your bankroll very quickly!



Casino Bonuses


 Many online casino Roulette players have had their winnings when playing Roulette voided, and the reasons for the casinos cancelling out that players winnings is that the player breached one or more rules attached to the bonus that the player claimed at that respective site.


Although many casinos offer all manner of casino bonuses to their players there are many differences in regards to the terms and conditions of these bonuses which will either not permit Roulette play with a bonus or with impose special rules in regards to the amount you can wager when playing with a bonus or how many times the bonus needs playing through.


So always make sure you know in advance any special rules attached to a bonus and the game of Roulette, in fact it is often best to play Roulette without a bonus so you can cash out whenever you like and bet in away way you choose. You can go to online casinos to find the best roulette casinos.



Progressive Roulette


 The Microgaming Roulette Royale game is a progressive jackpot paying Roulette game variant, but sadly when you are playing this an additional 1.00 bonus bet wager has to be played in addition to all of your betting layout wagers, and this 1.00 whilst small in value awards a set of payouts which have a low payout percentage attached to them and playing this game repeatedly will see your available playing bankroll diminish quickly!



Low House Edge Variants


The lowest house edge Roulette games you can play at either a Microgaming or Playtech software powered online casino site are the French Roulette game variants, the house edge attached to both of these games are tiny due to one of two different playing rules attached to the games.


When a zero spins in and you are playing any French Roulette games even money paying bets those bets are not losing ones, and as such depending on the variant you will either get half your even money paying wagers back or those wagers stay on the betting layout for the next spin!



Never Remove a Bet


Every now and then you may experience the effects of placing a wager onto the Roulette betting layout but then for whatever reason you decide to remove that wager and place it on another betting location, and then that number you removed the bet from actually spins in!


One tip for playing Roulette is once you have placed a wager onto the betting layout you should never remove it, this may be superstition, but imagine how you would feel if you did remove a bet and then that number makes an appearance and is spun in!



Choosing a Chip Value


As you are always able to adjust the chip values when playing Roulette online we would suggest that you plan in advance just how much you intend to wager on each spin you play, the best way you can do this to give you a decent amount of playing time is to divide your bankroll up into 25 or 50 times its value and use that figure as the maximum amount you will wager per spin and adjust the chip values accordingly.



Don’t Play American Roulette 


As the American Roulette game has a 5.26% house edge due to there being not just one but two zeros on the wheel and no increase in the winning payouts then this is a Roulette game you should never be tempted to play for any amount of time!



Roulette Doesn’t Have a Memory 


Finally always remember that any previous spun in number or numbers have just as much chance of spinning in on the next spin of the Roulette wheel, even if for example the Black numbers have spun in 10 times on the trot the odds of the next number spinning in being Red or Black are just the same!



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