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Last Updated on April 1, 2022

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Guide to Online Casinos With a KGC Licensee

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) is a Canadian regulatory authority that regulates and licenses online casinos based and operating under their jurisdiction.

Being one of the very first online regulatory authorities, having launched back in 1996. However, it was not until 1999 that they first started to grant licenses to online casinos. This licensing system was put in place to ensure that any online casino operating from their jurisdiction was subject to rules and regulations that would ultimately protect any player using their product.

Since its launch almost 20 years ago, the KGC has licensed numerous online casinos and has since become recognized as one of the better-performing online gambling regulators. Not quite up there with the likes of the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority but indeed a second-tier regulator, the KGC currently has more than 250 online casinos that are licensed to operate working under their jurisdiction.

While the license allows casino operators to provide their services to those living in the jurisdiction of Kahnawake Canada, many countries also allow their players to play at online casinos that have managed to get a license from the KGC. It is also totally legal to play at online casinos with a KGC licensee from any place in Canada. On the other hand, some countries require a bit more protection for their players and will insist on the online casino getting a license from their own regulatory authorities as well. This is the case in the UK with the UKGC, so online casinos would also need a UKGC license to accept UK players legally.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has come a long way since its launch. Despite an early reputation of being a little lacklustre, they have really bucked up their ideas and are providing a good level of protection for online gamblers in recent years.

What would happen if the KGC did not exist?

If the Kahnawake Gaming Commission did not exist, that would not really mean much in the grand scheme for players in Canada. It would just mean that there would be no online gambling regulators located in Canada, and online casinos would just have to get licensed elsewhere to target players in Canada. This is because there are so many different regulatory authorities out there where online casinos can get a licensee. However, not all online gambling regulators do their protect players and are trusted, so always check the licensee to see if it is a trusted brand or not. You can see a list of safe online casinos here.

The UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission are other excellent and reputable regulatory authorities for online gambling.

Without acquiring a license, an online casino would be operating illegally under whichever jurisdiction it is. Any casino that does not have a license would be, as we have seen in the past, out for whatever money it could take from players before being caught and ultimately shut down for good. This is why we always advise players to make sure that any online casino they play at has been licensed by at least one good regulatory authority.

What would happen if there were no Regulatory Authorities?

With no online gambling regulation authorities out there to protect players, you can just imagine the mayhem there would be. With no protection, the many online casinos would be able just to set their own rules, their own house edge, and give their players little chance of winning. They would have nobody to answer to, and players would have no authorities to complain to.

We believe the whole industry would eventually crumble as the reputation of online casinos would see most players avoiding them like the plague. No player with a brain would even consider gambling online if they knew there was a good chance they were not getting a fair deal from their online casino and getting paid when they win. They would use traditional high street gambling options instead, as it is regulated.

Online casinos, as they are now, use RNG software to determine the random results, and these are regulated and tested. In a world with no regulation, the casinos could mess with these RNGs to weigh the games heavily in their favour.

Casinos would also not be forced to have a strong stance towards protecting player information. The personal and financial information of players might not get the protection it does now through firewalls and 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

You then have the player funds protected if the casino licensee is from a trusted gambling regulator because online casinos are required to keep them in separate accounts that have nothing to do with their other operational funds in other accounts.

In a nutshell, if there were no online gambling regulators. Players would not be safe. So we just need to be thankful that we have gambling regulatory authorities and appreciate what they do to help protect us.

What Licenses does the KGC provide?

The KGC regulates both online and offline gambling entities, but we will talk specifically about the online entity’s licenses. There are four different licenses that the Kahnawake Gambling Commission can issue, and each of them will allow the holder to perform various actions under the jurisdiction of Kahnawake.

1. Interactive Gaming License

This is a license given to a hosting provider that operates within the jurisdiction of Kahnawake. This hosting company is what any online casino that wants to operate in Kahnawake has to use as per regulations. Only one of these licenses is available and currently held by Mohawk Internet Technologies company since 1999.

 2. Client Provider Authorisation

This license is given to an online casino, sportsbook or poker site that wishes to provide its services from Kahnawake. They must use the hosting services of the above Interactive Gaming License. 

3. Inter-jurisdictional Authorisation

This is for online casinos, sports betting sites, or poker sites already licensed by another jurisdiction but also wants to place some staff, equipment, and operations within Kahnawake.

4. Key Person License

A KPL is granted alongside any CLA to a key personnel member within the company. This person is the main point of contact for the KGC and is responsible for ensuring that all regulations are adhered to.

Those are the four licenses that the KGC issues and any online gambling company would have to apply for the specific licenses that it needs should it want to operate from Kahnawake. A Kahnawake licensed casino will be able to provide its services to citizens of Kahnawake and also to any other country that accepts online casinos that the KGC licenses.

Some countries might decide they want more than just a license from the KGC, such as the UK, which will also want their own regulatory authority in the UKGC to regulate the online casinos as well.

Why is the regulation of online gambling important?

There are so many different reasons why it is crucial that online gambling is regulated, but the main one is that regulation is vital for the protection of players.

There is little to no chance that many players would be able to trust any online casinos if there was not the same level of regulation as there is nowadays. This regulation instantly makes players feel more comfortable with gambling online as they know there are authorities out there that are watching their back. In many ways, an online casino getting licensing from a leading gambling regulatory authority is much like having a seal of approval that players will see as a sign they can trust the casino.

As players, all we want is to know that online casinos treat us fairly and always have a fair chance of winning some good money. We all know and accept that an online casino will always have a house advantage over us and that without this edge, there would not even be online casinos operating. However, as long as this advantage is fair and regulated, we as players will never have a problem with it.

We also want to ensure that all of our banking and personal information is being protected sufficiently. For example, if we are using our bank accounts or credit cards to deposit and withdraw money onto an online casino. In that case, we need to know that these transactions and details are protected by technology, such as 128-bit SSL encryption.

There have been some well-documented cases in the past of online casinos, poker sites, and the like that we’re not keeping player funds separate from operating funds. This meant that the players were not compensated for the money in their accounts – not straight away, at least. However, the good regulators today demand that online casinos keep player funds in separate accounts from operating funds.

What common regulations do online casinos operate under?

The exact regulations that an online casino will have to adhere to will depend on the regulatory authority they are licensed by. However, they will have some core similarities and will share the same mission of keeping players protected when gambling online.

Below you will see some of those core regulations that the majority of regulatory authorities will ensure that online casinos that they have licensed will adhere to:

  • Regular RNG testing that is sometimes done randomly
  • Different accounts for player funds and operating funds
  • Strict policies in place for ID verification
  • Policies in place that promote responsible gambling
  • Security measures such as 128-by SSL encryption technology is used

All of the above regulations have been designed with players in mind and will go a long way to ensure that they are always protected when playing at online casinos. While there will be slight differences in the same regulations and policies that a regulatory authority will demand from its licensees, most of the above will be found in most regulatory authorities.

Which online casinos are regulated by the KGC?

There is a large number of online casinos that have opted to try and get a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and among those that have passed the requirements needed are the following:

[ps2id id=’KGC-casino-list’ target=”/]
KGC Licence holdersOwner PLAY NOW
JackpotCityBaytree Limited PLAY NOW
Lucky NuggetBaytree Limited PLAY NOW
Gaming ClubBaytree Limited PLAY NOW
GoldenTiger CasinoFresh Horizons Ltd.PLAY NOW
Spin Palace CasinoBaytree LimitedPLAY NOW

As you can see, there are some pretty big names there, and that is just five of them. More than 100 online casinos are permitted to operate in Kahnawake, Canada. We are also sure that many other online casinos will line up to get a license to use in Kahnawake Canada in the coming years.

How does the KGC regulate online casinos?

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the oldest regulatory authorities for online gambling providers, and while its history was a little checkered during the early days, it has since pulled its socks up to easily be among the top 5 or 6 regulatory authorities for online casinos and other online gambling entities.

They might not be quite as good as the big three, the UKGC, GGC, and the MGA, but they are certainly moving in the right direction. They share similar goals to that of those regulatory authorities and have some very similar regulations put in place.

According to their website, their core basic principals are to:

  • To lawfully regulate any online gambling entity that operates within Kahnawake
  • To make sure that any online gambling entity is providing gaming in a responsible manner that is both fair and honest.
  • To ensure that there is no connection between online gambling and crime within Kahnawake.
  • To ensure that gaming operators always treat their players in a fair manner, pay out any winnings in promptly and that they keep all of their player’s information completely secure.
  • To ensure that anyone under the age of 18 or is classed as vulnerable is protected from the potential dangers of online gambling.

These are some solid regulations, and we certainly think that the KGC has the right idea when it comes to regulating the online casinos in their jurisdiction. We would like to see more done with regards to regular testing of RNGs, but they at least have some good and solid core basics in place. They do have RNGS tested by third-party companies but not as regularly as we would like.

Should we trust online casinos that are regulated by the KGC?

We think that any online casino with a license from one of the bigger regulatory authorities should instantly see an increase in the level of trust they receive. But, of course, there are regulatory authorities with a slightly better reputation than the KGG. Still, the KGG has made many improvements over recent years and is now considered a very trustworthy regulatory authority.

Besides, if you come across an online casino regulated by the KGC and are not convinced that they can be trusted, you can always report that to the KGC, and they will no doubt launch an investigation. They always welcome communication from players and will not hesitate to punish an online casino or revoke a license if they find anything they deem to have broken their regulations.

Ultimately, you should trust any online casino licensed by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission, at least initially. If you then find something that might suggest they should not be trusted, you can report this to the KGC.

Can we contact the KGC?         

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission openly welcomes communication from players for whatever reason. Should there ever come a time when you think an online casino that operates with a license from the KGC is not treating you or other players fairly and safely, you can get in touch with the KGC and inform them of your concerns.

They will certainly take your complaints seriously and always do their own investigations, help mediate any contact with the online casino, and ultimately come to some kind of resolution. This could be in your favour or in favour of the online casino, but whatever the result, you can be sure that it is fair for all concerned.

Getting in touch with the KGC if you have a complaint about a KGC online casino can be done by telephone, email, or through the contact forms on their website. You can read more how Here

Our Verdict

The KGC is a regulatory authority with a good reputation and is doing its utmost to ensure that online gamblers operating in their jurisdiction are getting the protection they need when gambling at online casinos.

The KGC has come a very long way since being one of the very first regulatory authorities in the world. It used to have a bit of a reputation for not being in the strictest of authorities, but this has changed in recent years. They are now seen as being in the top 5 regulatory authorities around at the moment.

The following is what you can expect from the KGC:

  • Your account balances are protected.

The KGC makes it clear to all online gambling entities operating from their jurisdiction to take measures to protect their players’ funds. This includes making sure that all player funds are kept in separate holding accounts to that of operational funds.

  • Many policies designed to protect players

The KGC works tirelessly to ensure that all online casinos in their jurisdiction have several solid policies in place that are designed to help protect their players. These policies should include promoting responsible gambling, preventing underage gambling, and protecting the information of their players.

  • An authority that has your back

At the KGC, you can be confident that you have a regulatory authority always looking out for the players at the online casinos they have licensed. They welcome any complaints and will always stand up for the player if an online casino has been shown to be acting against regulations.

  • Fair results

At the KGC, they work very hard to ensure that they have the regulations in place that ensure that any online casino they license is always delivering fair results to its players. It also ensures that the online casinos consistently adhere to all regulations.

  • An authority that likes to communicate with players

Players are always welcome to get in touch with the KGC if they have any complaints or information about an online casino licensed to operate in Kahnawake. There are numerous ways to contact the KGC, as you will find in the specific topic above.

  • Responsible gambling 

The KGC has always had a strong stance on responsible gambling and demands that any online casino operating in Kahnawake shares that stance. They wish to protect players from possible gambling addiction and put in place help and resources for any players struggling.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has a lot of experience as a regulatory authority after being one of the first to license casinos almost twenty years ago. They have really grown into a strict and robust authority in that time.

We feel that players can feel a lot safer when gambling online if they are using an online casino that the KGA has licensed. They have some good regulations, an excellent moral ethic and are always working hard to improve in any area that needs it.

For UK players, it is only possible to play at an online casino that has been licensed by the KGC as long as it is also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This is because the UKGC insists on regulating all online casinos that serve the UK public no matter what other licenses they might have. This is good news for players in the UK as it means that they will be playing at casinos that have more than just a single license in many cases. You can find a list of UK Gambling Commission online casinos here.

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