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An informative guide to the best mobile casinos in 2021


Since the release of online casinos in 1994 by Microgaming, casino games that were commonly played only on desktop PCs have evolved, giving casino fanatics access to smartphone and tablet real money casino action while on the move.


To say the least, it has been a fantastic experience watching the growth of the online casino industry as it has advanced into to mammoth-sized mobile gaming business. In fact, mobile casinos are now being played more so than PC based casinos. All this is purely thanks to the release of mobile casino apps and HTML5 technology.


You can now wager on an array of real money casino games on your mobile while on the move:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Virtual Scratch Cards
  • Slots – the largest number of games on mobile


And it really is an exciting world to delve into!


Modern 3D graphics, classic games like the old-style one-armed bandit slots, brand new 243, and 1024 ways to win no pay line slots and sublime sound effects all packed into a portable device.


Our aim is to bring you inside and inform you more about the growing trend of mobile casinos.


Let’s Begin with Our Top 5 Rated Mobile Casinos

Just so you don’t have to wait in suspense for us to tell you which mobile casino apps are currently the most popular, trustworthy, and highly recommended, without further ado, here they are:


All 5 of these mobile casinos have passed a myriad of tests performed by our team. Take our word for it, we make absolutely sure that we do our due diligence because we want to guarantee our loyal readers a solid mobile gaming experience when it comes to playing real money games on the move.


How Will This Guide Help Me?

  • Discover which mobile casinos are currently trending
  • Save time having to research mobile casinos & apps on your own
  • How to sign up and safely finance your casino gaming
  • Find out where to play the best real money mobile games


How do the mobile casinos operate on so many different mobile devices?

Using state of the art software, the casino’s website detects the mobile device you are using. This is because the casino software platforms they use is designed mobile compatible, so the games work on a ton of different devices:


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry


When you connect via your device to the website, the casino picks up the operating system, phone model, processing power, and screen size. Next, a customized version of the casino and games is then streamed directly to your mobile device, giving you the ultimate casino gaming experience.


What About the Bad Eggs? (blacklisted mobile casinos)

Whether you are new to the online mobile casino scene, new to the casino scene altogether, or a seasoned casino fanatic, there is no doubt about how confusing it can be when you are expected to know which mobile casino apps to avoid.


Without testing all the apps and learning the hard way on your own, you will never know. However, we have saved you the time and effort because we already know thanks to our testing structure.


We have tested nearly all of them from:

  • Our desktops
  • Various SmartPhone devices
  • All the touchpads we can get our hands on
  • Even iPods with internet connectivity


As a result, here are the casinos we have blacklisted so far:



  • Betport Casino
  • Seized winnings from its players
  • Rarely answer any support questions


  • Road House Reels
  • Very slow to pay out
  • Some very poor practices


  • Orange Gamez
  • Stole some of their games
  • Below par ethics


How to Get Your Mobile Casino Experience Started

To begin your journey into a lucrative and exhilarating world of mobile gambling, you will need a mobile device:


  • Tablet (iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry)
  • Smartphone (iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry)


Although we mention Windows as well as Blackberry devices, they are not the most popular mobile casino options when compared to Android or iOS. Casino sites have not created as much compatibility with Windows Mobile or Blackberry as they have for Android or iOS, although Windows and Blackberry are catching up.


After selecting a device, here is how to get started:

Step 1: Make sure you have WiFi, 3G or 4G as these are the best connections for mobile play

Step 2: Visit the mobile casino’s home page, and click the signup button and follow the signup instruction.

Step 3: Sometimes the casino will ask you also to download, and that’s a good idea, cause that makes playing even better. Select to download and wait for the install to complete

Step 4: When you have sign up using your email address

Step 5: Follow the email confirmation back to the casino, and you are ready to play

Just 5 easy steps!


What If I Want to Play Without Downloading an App?

All you need to do is create a shortcut to the casino’s mobile version of the site. Many of the best mobile casino sites do not require you to have an app if you don’t want one. You can use the mobile casino’s HTML5 functionality and play via your mobile browsers such as Safari or Google Chrome.


How to create a home screen shortcut to access your html5 casino via browser:


  1. Select to create a short cut
  2. Choose to add it to your home screen
  3. Rename the new shortcut to the name of the casino
  4. Drag it to the home screen page you want to access it
  5. It is now ready to launch from your phone’s home screen


We also know players that like to play at multiple online casinos for various reasons. In addition to the above five steps, these players also tend to create a folder on their home screen and place all their casino short cuts inside the folder to keep things neat and organized.



What are The Advantages to Playing Real Money Games Via Mobile?

Playing real money casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, or Slots via mobile comes with many of the same advantages you would have when playing any other mobile game. However, casino gaming has its very own set of benefits too.


  • You can play from anywhere as long as you have WiFi, 3G, 4G
  • You can play in short spurts of time because you have instant access
  • Short spurts of time mean you are less likely to burn out or tilt
  • Play on your lunch break, on the train/bus, when waiting in queues, etc…


Adding to these points is the strategy played by the more avid casino players that play daily. They want to spend more time playing because they know that the more they play, the more they can push through downswings and upswings.


The theory of variation (upswings/downswings)

Their strategy is that the more they play, the quicker they can cut through what is known as variation, which is linked with the probability of each game.


Let’s take, for example, Slots. Many of the newer slots come with between 95% and 97% payout probability. This means every $100 you bet, in theory, you will win back $95-$97. However, it does not always work like this.


For instance, if you flip a coin, ‘heads’ may appear eight times out of 10. If you bet on ‘tails,’ you will be going through a downswing. This is known as variation of probability because probability states that ‘heads’ should appear 5 out of 10 times, but in this instance, it did not.


Eventually, via probability and persistence, ‘tails’ will catch up and may even overtake ‘heads,’ and your upswing begins. On top of this, if you are playing on a progressive jackpot table or slot, you will always be playing with the looming chance of hitting a massive 4, 5, 6, or 7 figure payouts. You can read more about payout ratios on online casino games here.


A Mega Moolah slot player once hit a progressive jackpot worth over €18 million on his mobile. Therefore, mobile devices have the distinct advantage of giving the player access to real money games at any time from any place with the internet!



How Do I Get the Best Mobile Casino Bonus?

Getting a decent casino bonus is not that hard at all. All reputable online casinos offer a variety of bonuses. When you begin, you will more than likely jump in with a Welcome Bonus.


Welcome Bonuses are lucrative because they tend to double, triple, or quadruple the amount of money you deposit.

  • The percentages offered for welcome bonuses are higher than any other bonus offered
  • Some casino apps allow you to increase the percentage of your welcome bonus by using a code that is specific to your favorite game such as slots or blackjack


One word of advice. The highest welcome bonus offer does not mean this is the best online casino for you. Sometimes a great Welcome bonus covers up the fact that the casino offers less attractive long-term bonus features.


There are other bonuses to consider:

  • Regular bonuses offered by the casino
  • VIP/Loyalty Rewards bonuses
  • No Deposit bonuses
  • Free Spins
  • Free Chips


When you sign up to an online casino, you want to make sure you get the best value and longevity. It is the regular and loyalty rewards bonuses that will help you keep your bankroll topped up. Always compare these bonuses amongst the list of casino apps you have on your shortlist.



What About the Playthrough Amount?

The playthrough means that the cash you receive from your bonus is not instantly withdrawable. You need to make a certain value of bets before that becomes real cash.


Make sure you read about the Playthrough amount in the terms and conditions of every bonus you are considering. We have found in the past that some casinos will offer massive Welcome Bonuses, but the playthrough is so high that it is virtually impossible to make enough bets to ever be able to stand a chance of withdrawing the bonus money in cash.


All the casinos we recommend, we have checked. Their Playthrough amounts are very reasonable, and so you can rest assured you will not be conned by the small print that is hard to read purposely designed to make you miss impossible playthrough amounts.


Making Deposits and Withdrawals Via a Mobile App

We have researched countless online casino apps and tested their withdrawals and deposits. In addition, we always check out how you can get your money in and your money out. Your chosen casino app should mention 128-bit financial grade security encryption, and its main website should operate using https. This is to keep all your personal details and connection info 100% secure.


Here are some of the most popular methods available:



Make sure that you play at a licensed site. All online casinos we recommend are licensed with the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission or the UK Gambling Commission. So if you play at these sites, you are protected under British and Canadian Law. We certainly do not recommend using a mobile casino that is not licensed with the UK Gambling Commission or the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


Best Mobile Phones for Playing Mobile Online Casinos

Not so long ago it seemed like science fiction the claim that people could play their favourite casino games in the comfort of their homes. The invention of smartphones completely revolutionized the way we see things in everyday life, and the online gambling sector has changed a lot as well.


The internet penetration grows with each passing day, and the stats show the majority of almost every country’s population has access to a strong mobile phone. So, the popularity of online casinos and the rise of mobile phones go hand in hand, so when those two are combined, you get something that will be used worldwide.


The most reliable casino brands in the world have made sure to create an online casinos site that will be easily accessible through a mobile phone. Some of them have even created an app, which adds to the excitement of playing the favourite slots.


The idea of winning money “on the go” seems very attractive to people, and many of them choose their mobile phones based on the characteristics and the possibilities they provide in terms of playing online casino games. Let’s have a look at what you need to look to when choosing a mobile phone to play online casino games, as well as what are the most reliable mobile phones for such usage.


What Specs to Look for When Choosing a Phone to Play Online Casinos

Before choosing a phone to play online casino you need to know the system requirements, as most of the slots that are mobile-friendly use HTML5 technology and run through the phone’s browser. If the online casino uses Flash instead, make sure you have the latest version of it on your phone.


The display is another important factor, so quad high definition and ultra-high definition will do the job. Have in mind that the more pixels the screen displays, the better the graphics will be. The mobile screen is close to your face when playing online casino games, so with a better display you will see in greater detail, so having this feature is of the utmost importance.


The RAM and the battery life are also vital parts of any mobile phone. Most of the online casinos require 4GB of RAM, so that is the minimum requirement you need to have in mind. The battery is important for those who play really “on the go” and have no possibility of charging the phone all the time.


Choosing the Best Mobile Phone for Your Online Casino

The online casino industry will grow even more in the near future, and so will the mobile phone one. All of the big names in the smartphone sector are competing to be “the next big thing” and to have the edge over their opponents. That makes them all better with every new release, and people who gamble online benefit from it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best mobile phones you should consider buy for having the best mobile gaming experience.


Asus ROG Phone 5

We begin with a phone that looks like a dream to any gamer, not just the players in the online casino industry. This phone was released earlier this year, and it has already taken the market by storm. As mentioned, most of the online casinos require some specific system requirements that need to be fulfilled, and Asus ROG Phone 5 is among the best in that regard.


You can find it with 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and whichever you choose will be a good option. It runs on Android OS, and there are some tweaking controls and unparalleled gaming options. You will fall in love when you get to see how this phone runs on all online casinos, and the experience of playing your favourite slots will become even better and more exciting.


The speaker setup of the phone is extraordinary, as there are some gaming-specific enhancements that will improve the feel factor when playing your favourite games. All in all, the ROG Phone 5 seems like one of the most complete phones when the gaming features are in question, so you won’t make a mistake purchasing it, you will surely enjoy your online casino even more.


iPhone 11

Apple kept iPhone 11 in production even after the iPhone 12 was presented. The iPhone 11 is now way cheaper than it was previously and it is one of the best phones around for playing online casino games. Every series of the iPhones seem to be doing a very solid job when online casinos are in question, but this one really stands out.


The hardware is super-powerful, and the 4GB of RAM make it ideal for any online gambling fan. The battery life is improved when compared to its predecessors, so you can play your favourite slots and win some handsome money wherever you are without any interruptions. The handset may not be gaming-specific, but overall it will provide you with a very pleasant online gambling experience.


Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro

This version of Xiaomi is an excellent choice for playing online casino games, as it has some of the main features, plus the added advantage of being cheaper than most of them. It has some significant upgrades that the Shark 3 Pro version, which includes a 144Hz OLED, improved connectivity options and so on.


The Shark 4 Pro comes with a 6.67” OLED display, and it has a very solid battery life, and it can be charged at 120W for 15 minutes, making it ideal to play online slots at any given time. So, if you are on a budget, look no further than Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro, you are sure to have a gaming experience to remember.

Samsung Galaxy S20

We can’t put together any list of strong mobile phones for any purpose without mentioning some of the Samsung phone series. The online casino sector is no exception to that claim, and the Galaxy S20 is surely among the top candidates for any player who loves to play online games.


It features an 8GB of RAM, which is more than enough for most of the online casino requirements, and the display, together with the dimensions of the phone make it ideal for online casino lovers. The phone feature stereo speakers as well, so any online slot will provide the player with a thrilling gaming experience. The phone was released in 2020, and there are newer versions of it, but given the price, and the overall specifications, you won’t make a mistake purchasing it.


OnePlus 9

We finish this list with the OnePlus 9, and looking at its characteristics it will make sense to at least consider buying it. It features most of the features the Pro version it has, but it comes with a more reasonable price. It only lacks some camera options, but you won’t particularly need it for playing online casino games, so this is the right phone for you.


The phone comes with a RAM of 8 or 12GB, and it has a solid battery life, so you won’t have any trouble with interruptions for charging while playing your favourite games. As mentioned, the price is also reasonable, so make sure to give it a look when searching for a mobile phone to play online casino games.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have reached this far, then we would like to thank you for reading. We understand that not all your questions may have been answered and that all this information can difficult to absorb. Therefore, we have created this FAQ section adding some popular questions as well as reinforcing the information we have provided above:


  • Is mobile online gambling legal?

Yes in many countries it is legal including Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and many more. You may have seen the many adverts on TV from well-known high street bookies promoting online casinos. Provided the casinos are licensed with the gambling commission in the country you live in, like the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or the Gibraltar Gambling Commission then the casino is legal to play at. Our top 5 recommended casinos that are fully licensed and legal:



  • Is a deposit needed to play on a mobile casino?

Not at all. This is the beauty of online casinos. All the real money games are also available to play for free. If all you want to do is play quality high-grade casino games for free, then sign up to an online casino. For every game, you will be given play chips so you can experience the same vibe that the real money players get.


  • Are Welcome Bonuses available using mobile casino?

Absolutely. It does not matter which device you decide to play from. If the casino provides an option for your chosen device, then you can sign up for a Welcome Bonus. You do this when you make your first deposit. Just use the Welcome Bonus code, which can be found on the casino’s home page or promo section.


  • Can I withdraw my winnings?

There would be zero reasons to play at a mobile casino or any online casino if you could not withdraw your winnings. Just make sure you choose a reputable and recommended casino and especially avoid casino apps with bad reviews as well as the three casinos mentioned on our blacklist.


  • Which mobile casino games are the most popular?

Without any doubt, slots are the most popular. This is because there are just so many of them available on mobile. Poker is also very popular, but in an online casino, when playing poker you will mainly only play video poker games. Table games such as blackjack and roulette are also very popular, but there are nowhere near as many variations of these games compared to slots. You can see a list of the best slots here.


  • Do mobile casino games take up a lot of data?

In general, they do not. However, many of the newer slot games can be more data-intensive than their predecessors. With the introduction of 3D slots on mobile, there is more data for your device to process, and so it makes sense there will be a slightly higher data usage in this instance.


  • Can I play on my PC/Desktop using my mobile casino membership?

Yes. You can even switch between operating systems. If you own an iPhone, but then you want to play the same casino using your Windows device, all you would need to do is download the Windows version of the app and sign in with your user id and password.


Alternatively, you can use the browser and access the HTML5 version of the site. Either way, when you log on, you will be using the same account details and have access to the same account.

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