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Last Updated on August 8, 2023

Top Online Casinos With High Limits For Vip Players 2023

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If you are a VIP player, it is important to know that there can be a significant difference in which online casino you decide to play for real money.

Here is a list below of why some online casinos are a lot better than others for VIP players, and what VIP players should be looking for when choosing a casino :

  • High Limits on Casino Games
  • Great VIP Comp/Reward Program.
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Live Dealers
  • Great and Fast Support
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Fully Licensed & Secure

List of Recommended Online Casinos to Play for VIP Players/Whales:

Online Casinos For VIP:Betting LimitsWithdrawal timeLicensed ByVisit:
CasumoRoulette up to $£75,000
Blackjack up to to $£10,000
Slots up to £$800
Instant to 5 Days Depending on Payment providerUK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority., Swedish Gambling Authority
LeoVegas CasinoRoulette up to $£€75,000
Blackjack up to $£€5,000
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Instant to 6 Days Depending on Payment providerUK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority., Swedish Gambling Authority
Jackpot CityRoulette up to $€5000
Blackjack up to $€5000
Baccarat up to $€5000
Slots up to $€500 pr spin
Instant to 6 Days Depending on Payment providerCanada Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority.
Lucky NuggetRoulette up to $€5000
Blackjack up to $€5000
Baccarat up to $€5000
Slots up to $€500 pr spin
Instant to 6 Days Depending on Payment providerCanada Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority.

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Detailed & Informative Guide to High Roller Online Casinos

Are you a high roller online casinos player in Canada? If you are, check out our detailed and informative guide to the best high roller casinos for Canada.

Virtual casinos are notorious for giving low-stakes players excellent bonus deals, but some of these deals are just way too low for those whales of you out there that need more bang for your buck. As a result, here at, we have put together a list of the best high roller casinos for Canadian players accompanied with exactly why each one is ideal for those looking to bet big online!

We will begin by briefly covering the main points we research when selecting the best high roller casinos in Canada so you can skim read. Then, we will expand on these points in the sections below so you can look into some of the more detailed components (terms and conditions) used by online casinos to attract high roller players.

Once you have finished reading our guide to the best high roller casinos in Canada, you will be able to go through our recommended list of high roller casinos and easily choose a casino worthy of your money.

What should you be looking for as a VIP or high roller casino player?

The most important thing is that as a high roller you should be getting that red-carpet treatment at the online casino you choose to play at.

A single bet made by you could be worth 100 times each bet made by a low-stakes player and therefore the casino should be taking note and treating you like royalty. In order to make sure you choose a casino that quickly takes note and recognizes its high roller players by offering bonus deals that give you the correct value for money, you will need to do some research.

Below we will touch on the main points you will need to consider before joining an online casino. We also cover welcome bonuses, VIP levels, as well as licensing and security in more detail later on in this guide.

1. The Welcome Bonus

The best casinos for high roller players are the ones that offer a ‘high rollers welcome bonus package’. These bonuses are usually much higher than the standard bonus welcome bonus and if the wagering requirements are lower too, then this is an added incentive.

  • High rollers welcome bonus
  • Higher deposit match deals
  • Improved wagering requirements

2. VIP Ladders

The more you play and especially the more you bet will earn you COMP points a.k.a. loyalty points. A casino with a clearly mapped out VIP loyalty path that includes personal casino managers, increased withdrawal limits, added bonus incentives, the ability to quickly earn more COMP points per dollar spent, and VIP support is one worth considering.

  • Become classes as a high-level VIP player
  • VIP support and personal casino managers
  • High roller promotional deals

3. Loyalty Rewards

Now loyalty rewards get you up the VIP ladder. The best loyalty reward points programs are those that give you value for money. For example, 1 point for every $10.00 bet is better than 1 point for every $20 bet. Also, the more you bet, the better your bets to points conversion and then points to cash conversions should be.

  • Earn loyalty rewards to climb the VIP ladder
  • Get the best bet to points conversions
  • Get the best points to cash conversions

4. Deposit & Withdrawals

When you win a big, the worst thing that can happen is the casino’s terms and conditions put a limit on how you can withdraw those winnings. For example, some casinos will only pay you $10,000 a month for a $100,000 win. Others place a $5,000 a month withdrawal limit. You need to make sure as a VIP you get outstanding withdrawal rates. Of course, the best casinos have no withdrawal limits.

  • Make sure you can make large deposits
  • Check the casino’s big win withdrawal T&Cs
  • Ensure VIP levels included higher withdrawal limits

5. Licensing and Security

If you are depositing large amounts of cash and potentially winning large sums, then you will want to make sure that you get paid on demand. Trusting an online casino is only possible if it is fully licensed by a trusted remote casino gaming licensing authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission.

6. Customer Services

High rollers are essentially the casino’s VIP players. This means any casino worthy of your cash will give you a personal VIP hotline and a casino manager around the clock. Support should be 24/7 because if you are making high-stakes bets and you need a question answered, it is extremely important you get a super-fast response.

  • Make sure you get 24/7 support
  • Check the casino offers VIP support
  • 24/7 is vital for high stakes betting

7. High Stakes Games

One of the most difficult areas of an online casino to research is its min-max bet limits. You will need to know the maximum bets you can make playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker if you are a table game player. For slot players, you will need to check that the casino provides all the latest high roller online slot games.

  • Ask the casino’s live chat regarding min-max bets
  • Check the min/max bets for all table games
  • Make sure the casino hosts well-known high-stakes slot titles

For more information on each one of the above points, scroll further down this guide, and we will introduce each topic in slightly more detail.

What are the key benefits of becoming a VIP casino player?

Some of the main advantages of playing high roller casino games may not always seem that obvious, so we have created a quick guide covering the main points.

Win big

Casinos that accommodate high rollers will offer high min-max bets. Invariably, the more you bet, the more you win. This is especially true when playing progressive jackpot games which often require a side bet or the player to ‘bet max’ if playing jackpot slot games.

High stake games

High roller casinos know they need to accommodate high max bet thresholds. Therefore there should be a good number of table games as well as slots available for high bets. Some live casinos will also allow you to negotiate game rules and max bet thresholds.

High maximum payouts for VIPs

If you are betting large sums, then inevitably you will climb the VIP ladder. At the higher levels, high roller casinos extend the maximum withdrawal limits.

Quicker withdrawals

As high roller casinos want to look after their best-paying clientele, most will also allow you to bypass ‘pending times’ in order to process withdrawals faster. On top of this, when you make a withdrawal, your transaction will go into a priority processing queue.

Personal VIP casino manager

High rollers often have questions about certain game rules and bonuses. What better way to get an answer from your very own personal account manager? All VIP casinos should offer 24/7 VIP support and a manager who can quickly solve any issues or questions you have.


After becoming part of the VIP furniture and a known whale at an online casino, you do not always need to make a deposit straight away. Some casinos will offer advances to VIP players when running low on cash or upon request.

Personalised gifts

As a VIP the casino will have all kinds of special gifts and promotions lined up. Some of them even include holiday getaways to land-based casinos or cruise ships for the family. The cruise ships and/or hotels usually include an onboard casino.

Free Spins & Cashback on losses

Nearly every VIP ladder has a point at which you will be given free spins and cashback deals on your weekly or monthly losses.

Lots of free cash

The more you bet, the more loyalty points are awarded to your account. These loyalty points can be exchanged for cash or casino merchandise.

A detailed guide to finding the best high roller welcome bonuses

At the beginning of this high-stakes casino guide for Canada, we touched on seven key points you should be looking for when joining an online casino as a high roller. Below we will go into each one in more detail so you know exactly how to get the best deals as a high roller and future VIP player.

Breaking Down High Roller Welcome Bonus Terms & Conditions

When choosing your high roller welcome bonus there are certain terms and conditions you can break down to make sure you get the best value for money. Below are the most important high roller welcome bonus terms to research.

Deposit Match Deals

Nearly all welcome bonuses have a deposit match deal. This could be 100% for deposits between $100 and $5,000. If you then deposit $5,000, you will be given another $5,000 on top. Half will be credited to your real money balance, and the other half credited as “bonus money”. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn as cash until you have met the wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

Large sums of bonus cash are not going to be helpful if they have a huge wagering requirement attached to them. For example, a 50x wagering requirement on $5,000 will mean you need to make $250,000 worth of bets before the $5,000 can be withdrawn. On the other hand, wagering requirements of 20x will mean you need to bet $100,000 worth of bets.

Bonus Cash Expiry

Some bonuses do not have an expiry, so you have all the time in the world to play through the wagering requirements. In such cases, a 50x wagering requirement is not that bad versus a bonus with a 20x wagering requirement that states in its bonus terms that the bonus cash will expire within 7 days. Now 7 days to make $100,000 worth of bets versus an unlimited amount of time to make $250,000 makes the 50x wagering requirements more attractive.

Maximum Bet Limit

Even though you are getting free bonus money to bet via a high roller welcome bonus, this does not mean you can get into the tables and bet the entire amount on red or black. Firstly, red or black will not have a high enough max bet threshold. Secondly, all casino bonus terms will restrict the maximum bet allowed using your bonus money.

Having a max bet of $5.00 for high rollers will not even create a dent in the wagering requirements. However, many casinos will offer a max bet limit of 10% of the bonus. Therefore, a $5,000 bonus will be restricted to $500 per bet, which is more than enough for most high rollers.

Percentage of Bets Contributing to Wagering Requirements

Another important point to look out for on the casino’s bonus terms page is the percentage each game will contribute towards the wagering requirements. Be warned, you sometimes have to dig deep into the bonus terms to dig out this information, and it will look something like the list below:

  • Slots: 100%
  • Table Games: 25%
  • Video Poker: 5%
  • Live Casino: 0%
  • Baccarat: 0%

As you can see, baccarat players will not be suited to this bonus. Live dealer players are also excluded which is likely because there is a separate live dealer bonus deal at the casino. However, slots players and table game players on games such as roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack players get a pretty sub-standard deal – in fact, the industry standard for most casinos is  5% of bets on table games contribute towards wagering requirements.

Free Spins

If you are given free spins, then always check to see if there are separate wagering requirements. The best ones offer 0% wagering requirements and therefore all your winnings will be credited as cash. However, this sounds great but the free spins may only be worth $0.25 per spin which as a high roller, you know the winnings are small pickings.

More often than not, most winnings from free spins will be credited as bonus money and not cash. As with the deposit bonus, this will come with wagering requirements. You will also need to check if there is a ‘maximum win’ amount attached. This usually comes with a condition that says even if you win $5,000 on a spin, you can only play through and withdraw up to a maximum of $500 worth of free spin wins.

VIP Ladders

VIP ladders are the levels you climb to get to improve your VIP status with the casinos. The higher you get, the better the red carpet treatment. All players begin at level 1 which could be labelled as let’s say ‘blue’ and the highest level could be ‘platinum’. The difference between the two is vast and the only way to get to the top is to bet large sums of cash.

Each level you climb gives you more spending power at the casino. Below we have broken down the most common rewards.

Increased loyalty point conversion

Level 3 could offer every $15 = 1 loyalty point, but level 8 at the top may convert as every $5 = 1 loyalty point. This means the higher you get up the VIP level, the quicker it is to get to the next level.

Improved ‘loyalty point to cash conversion rate

At level 1 you may need 1,000 loyalty points to get receive $10 in return. However, at level 8 the casino will offer a better rate. For example, every 200 points are worth $10.

VIP Support

Your account will be flagged as a VIP account on live chat and so you get to jump the queue in order to speak with a customer services agent. You may also be given other ways to get in touch with a support agent instantly with no queuing time.

Personal casino manager

As with land-based casinos, you will be given the telephone number and other contact details of one of the casino’s managers. This person will be there to tend to your every beckoning need with super-fast response times.


The casino will give you a birthday bonus as well as casino account anniversary gifts. These usually come in the form of free cash but can also be an invite to a special event, sports games, or concert, or you could receive a vacation getaway.


Almost all casinos offer cashback deals with their VIP ladders. The difference between level 3 and level 8 could be 5% cashback on your losses at level 3 and 20% on your losses at level 8.

Free spins

With free spins level, 3 may receive 20 per month, while level 8 could be given up to 200 free spins a month.

Increased withdrawal limits

As you can imagine, getting to the top level of the VIP ladder will have meant a lot of cash has passed through the slots and table games. Players that get to the higher VIP levels are likely to want to make large withdrawals and so any decent VIP program will offer its VIP players higher than normal withdrawal limits.

Licensing and Security

On the whole, the majority of online casinos are out there to do an honest day’s work and offer their clients a fun and trustworthy real money online gambling experience.

On the other hand, there are also some that prey on high rollers. Some of the horror stories include low-stakes players not being paid out life-changing sums of cash to high rollers depositing large sums only to be denied withdrawals. None of these problems ever arise as long as you choose an online casino licensed by a recognized licensing authority.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission Logo

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) license online casinos in Canada. They been around since 1996 and started licensee online casinos in 1999, a trusted Candian licensee Authority.


logo malta gamingauthority

Malta Gaming Authority: For Canadian high roller casino players, any casino with an MGA license will mean your money is in safe hands. The MGA operates under EU security, privacy, and consumer rights laws and puts casino players’ interests far above that of the casinos it licenses.

There are 10 main conditions online casinos must stick to in order to obtain and then continuously maintain their MGA license:

  • Casino member account balances are kept in a separate bank account
  • Players can raise disputes versus casinos directly with the MGA
  • Casinos must respond to all customer complaints and solve them
  • All terms and conditions must be clearly visible on the casino’s website
  • Protect Candian casino players even though they are not EU citizens
  • Fraud protection measures must be put in place
  • All connection to the casino must use 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Player account information must never be disclosed to a third-party
  • All the casino’s ‘Random Number Generators’ RNGs are tested regularly
  • Regular payout percentage reports are taken by third-party companies

As the MGA is an EU entity, all online casinos that apply for a license must also be registered and keep financial accounts within the EU state. This means that as the casino is an EU company, it is representing the EU’s business sector.

So what does this mean for Canadian casino players?

One of the EU’s priorities is to attract online consumers from outside of the EU as well as from within. Therefore, if you ever deal with an EU company as a Canadian, you are protected by EU consumer rights laws. The EU has a law that extends its consumer rights to foreign citizens in order to attract foreign citizens to do business with EU companies. Consequently, if you ever have issues with an MGA licensed casino, you even have the support of the EU online cyber-crimes division.

Uk Gambling CommissionUKGC licensed casinos offer the same deal as EU casinos but with an added 10-steps-to-cyber-security attached to its stipulations to obtain a license. This is, in fact, the strictest licensing authority around but it only protects UK players. However, if you see an online casino licensed by both the MGA and UKGC, then even better.

eCOGRA is not a license but casinos that have an eCOGRA certificate are arguably the most trusted online today. This will come in the form of a ‘seal of approval’ in the footer of the casino’s home page. Click on it and you will see quarterly ‘payout percentage’ reports for all the games the casino hosts. This report is made public to show transparency and trustworthiness.

High Rollers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VIP Online Casinos FAQs Sign

How do I become a high-roller VIP player in Canada?

To state the obvious, you need to have the financial means to make large bets. Taking the high-roller welcome bonus is then a good start because the casino will instantly record that a new player has signed up and is likely to be making large bets. The other way to become a high roller is by climbing your way up the VIP ladder to the highest VIP levels, but to get there, you also need to spend big.

What is the perfect high roller welcome bonus?

Ideally, a welcome bonus will offer a high percentage deposit match with free spins or cashback on top. Next, you will want the bonus to have low wagering requirements and at least 30 days before the bonus cash expires. The maximum bet using the welcome bonus should also not be too restrictive. Lastly, if you are a table game or online slots player, you will need to make sure bets using bonus cash will contribute a high percentage, 100% ideally, to the wagering requirements.

  • High percentage and cash deposit match
  • Lengthy bonus money expiry timeline
  • High maximum bet using bonus cash
  • High % bet contribution to wagering requirements

What happens if an online casino is not paying out my winnings?

Well, first of all, hopefully, the casino you play at is licensed by either The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, The MGA, or the UKGC. This way, you will have a third-party mediator, and the onus will be on the casino to prove to the licenser that there is a good reason for holding back funds. In effect, making sure you choose a casino with proper licensing is imperative. At OnlineCasinos.Net, we ONLY list online casinos if they have one of the above licensees.

Why is licensing such a big deal?

The best online casinos are licensed under EU laws. The EU government states that all EU entities must provide services according to EU consumer rights laws. Even as a Canadian casino player, you are protected by these laws because you are giving your patronage to an entity that represents the EU. The EU wants a clean-cut image to attract global business, and so casinos associated with licensing authorities within the EU offer you protection.

Can I have more than one account?

Strictly speaking, most casinos only allow you to have one account. However, if you are a high roller player betting large sums of cash, then the casino is likely to accommodate your every need. Speak with your casino manager who will more than likely be happy to accommodate your request. Just make sure you have a good reason for needing two accounts.

Can I play a high roller game on my mobile device?

Casinos, in general, do not offer different min-max bets just because of the device you are playing on. Therefore, you will be able to make the same high stakes bets on your smartphone or tablet as you would on your desktop or laptop device. Though, live dealer games that offer the highest stakes bets may not be available on some smartphone devices due to compatibility issues.

Should I use an app download if I am betting large sums of cash?

All high roller online casinos worth their weight in gold are secure whether you play via an app or instant play games via your web browser. As long as you have chosen an online casino licensed by one of the proper licensing authorities, your connection will be encrypted using 128-bit SSL security certificates.

My Final Words on Playing at High Limit VIP Online Casinos

I have been playing high-limit blackjack and roulette games since 2005.
What I have learned from playing in Las Vegas and online is there is a vast difference in the places you decide to play, and how you get treated.

The above casinos have always treated me really well as a VIP player, and I can highly recommend them.

For new VIP players, a bit of good advice: keep away from American roulette. If you like roulette play European roulette instead, odds are better.
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