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Recently updated on September 2nd, 2023 at 09:25 pm

In the ever-evolving landscape of online casinos, Bitcoin casinos have carved out an exciting and somewhat controversial niche. While the advantages of crypto gambling — like faster transactions and enhanced privacy — are undeniable, it also comes with challenges, making some players hesitant.

However, as 2023 unfolds, we’ve seen a significant uptick in licensed casinos integrating Bitcoin into their payment methods, signaling a growing trust in this cryptocurrency. To help you navigate this terrain, we’ve rigorously tested and analyzed numerous platforms. Our goal? To present you with a definitive list of the best Bitcoin casinos this year based on trustworthiness, popularity, and overall user experience.

Top Bitcoin Casinos 2023

  2. Casoo Casino Visit Here or Read Review
  3. Royal Vegas Crypto Casino
  4. or Read Review
  5. Playojo Visit Here
  6. Wazamba Visit Here or Read Review
  7. Bitcasino or  Read Review
  8. Oshi Bitcoin Casino or Read Review

These above five Bitcoin casinos have also been in our top 100 online casino lists year in and year out. Furthermore, they strive to provide their clientele with high-quality gaming, excellent customer care.

Affiliate Disclosure: With over two decades in the casino gaming realm, has fostered solid ties with licensed and regulated gaming platforms. Our depth of experience allows us to offer well-informed recommendations. While we receive advertising commissions from specific affiliate links when users register and deposit, our content remains unbiased. Our dedication lies in presenting trustworthy information with our users’ best interests at heart.

More Info on Our Top Picks

Top Sites IconHere are some of the highlights these casinos have to offer:

  • Fast Pay-outs
  • Real Money and Free Gameplay
  • LIVE Dealer Suits
  • Excellent Bonuses
  • Mobile Games
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Gambling at a casino that offers you the chance to use Bitcoin provides some key benefits:

  • The deposit fee is often lower if casinos accept Bitcoin
  • This booming Cryptocurrency is well-known for super-fast transactions
  • You can anonymously make deposits, withdrawals as well as play casino games

Points We Covered to Rate Our Recommended BTC Casinos

Rating an online casino is often a lot of fun for the team. We love playing online casino games because we are long-time gamblers ourselves! As such, we are also staunch critics of every casino we play. We love to dig deep into every knot and cranny of the casino. This way, we can see if it qualifies for getting listed here. But we are not the easiest bunch to satisfy!

Here are the main points we look at when rating a Bitcoin Casino:

  • Licencing Body and Trustworthiness
  • Safety and Security
  • Banking
  • Fast Payouts
  • Game Selection
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Customer Support

Below is a detailed description of how we review and test an online casino before passing it on to our recommended casino list. Keep in mind this article is only about how we test and review Bitcoin casinos. Unfortunately, there are many shady cryptocurrency casinos out there. So we have been extra tough on who we list.

A: Licensing Body and trustworthiness

Is safe and reliable and has controlled regulations in place.

Our top-rated Bitcoin casinos are licensed by the world’s strictest online gambling licenser. For example, The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), (MGA), AGCO is all tough to get a license. For instance, UKGC there is the ‘10 steps to cybersecurity’. Under each of these 10 steps are a set of processes the casino must prove they have implemented.
British consumer, financial, and data testing laws are part of the licensing process with the UKGC. The online casinos also get tested by an independent 3rd party. Companies like eCOGRA, and, test casino games for fairness and randomness. 
  • UKGC Licensed
  • Consumer Rights Laws to protect players
  • Tested by third-party software auditors

B: Safety and Security

Safety and Security Icon

This section goes hand in hand with ‘Licensing Body and Trustworthiness.’ We make sure the Bitcoin casinos we list on use the highest encryption level required. So this means ‘128 Bit encryption’ on all financial transactions and connections to the online casino.
Furthermore, the casino must also follow strict laws on player privacy. For example, a casino player’s account info can be shared with a third party unless required by law. So, the casino must have a safe and secure environment to store member data.
We also test the customer services. We do this to ensure they are very strict with security checks before talking about one’s casino account.
The above security measurements all tie in with ‘Licensing Body and Trustworthiness. Because it is the licensing body that ensures the online casino implements security measures. The ’10 steps to cybersecurity’ from the NCSC ensure that player privacy and secure online connections are the norms.
  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Strict Player Information Privacy Laws
  • Passes 10 Steps to Cyber Security

C: Banking

No online casino is complete without a decent financial setup. You can have all the games in the world at an online casino, but it is no use if you cannot get your money in or out. Therefore, we test withdrawal times as well as deposits. We check how easily and quickly the casino allows players to withdraw their money. We also study how organized the casino is regarding making deposits.
Aside from Bitcoin, we also cover other banking methods the casino offers. Pay by Phone, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfers, E-wallets, and many other financial options. The casinos also have to pass every one of these tests before going on our list.
All transactions also need to guarantee security using 128 Bit financial grade secure encrypted tunnels. This is yet another condition of getting a license from the UKGC under the ‘’10 steps to cybersecurity’.
  • Test deposits and withdrawals
  • Credit/Debit cards, E-Wallets, etc…
  • 128 Bit Financial Grade Encryption

D: Fast Payouts

Ok, so this can come under banking. But, we first look at how well organized the online casino’s banking system is. After this, we then test the speed and accuracy of payouts. Which includes pending times on a withdrawal and how long it takes the money to arrive in our bank account. We also test the currency conversions and minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

  • Pending Times
  • Withdrawal Times
  • Min/Max Withdrawals

E: Gaming Selection

At last, the section that most bitcoin casino players want to get to. It is fair to say that one of the biggest mistakes online casino players make is only letting the game list influence their decision to play at an online casino. From our own experiences testing hundreds of online casinos, without looking into points A to D above, your online casino experience can quickly turn sour; hence we have left gaming selection until now.

Once the first 4 points above are covered, we test the games. We evaluate multiple areas, which is the most time consuming part of our testing. However, it is also the most enjoyable, so we don’t mind.

Here are some of the tests we take:

  • How many games the casino has on its list
  • The variations of table games offered
  • Mobile and desktop device options
  • Gaming developers (NetEnt/NYX/Quickspin)
  • LIVE casino dealers

As you can see, we must go deep into the gaming sections to ensure that there is a good variety of games. We also consistently check for new releases to ensure the online casino is constantly staying up to date and able to offer their members something fresh every month.

Most online casinos today have a massive selection of casino games. Some even have over 1,000 games. However, most Bitcoin casinos have fewer because some game providers are unwilling to allow BTC gambling on their games.

F: Bitcoin Bonuses and Promotions

Another aspect many newbie Bitcoin online casino players look at before checking other essential factors, such as the trustworthiness of a casino, is the bonus programs. It would be best if you looked at this section way after guaranteeing that the casino is trustworthy and that you can actually withdraw your money. Once all the other tests have passed with flying colours, the bonus and promotions are next.

We cover the bonuses extensively because there is more to an online casino’s bonus program than the welcome bonus offer. Welcome bonuses are great to kick start your bankroll with deposit matches. Moreover, you can also get more than just a deposit match – free spins and other no deposit style bonuses will allow you to test the online casino before you play.

After no deposit and welcome bonuses, there are regular bonuses, which can help keep your bankroll topped up all the while you play. After this, if you are a regular player, you will also be interested in the Loyalty and VIP programs the online casino offers. We cover all these areas extensively in our reviews to ensure that you are getting the fill online casino bonus treatment!

G: Customers Support

Although customer support is essential, it is left until last. However, that is not to say we will pass a casino for a recommendation if the customer service is shady. There is no excuse for lousy customer support, and any casino that ignores this vital point is struck off our list.

Testing customer support is something we take very seriously. We have devised lists of processes that outline how we should test the customer support of an online casino we are reviewing. These tests include asking questions that require a human response and not an automated one. We also ask for information, ask about banking, test the customer support regarding games.

To determine customer support, we’ve gathered feedback from players. Reported issues included difficulty getting answers to questions, so we’ve tested multiple casinos with those same questions to gauge their responses.

Recommended Bitcoin Casinos Today

Bitcoin Casinos iConThe outcome of our tests is a quality and trustworthy Bitcoin casino with excellent benefits via bonuses and a brilliant gaming selection of real money and free online games. You will also be able to rely on the casino’s customer support should you ever need them because we have made sure that the customer service department is up to scratch.

  2. Casoo Casino Visit Here or Read Review
  3. Royal Vegas Crypto Casino
  4. or Read Review
  5. Playojo Visit Here
  6. Wazamba Visit Here or Read Review
  7. Bitcasino or  Read Review
  8. Oshi Bitcoin Casino or Read Review

Blacklisted Bitcoin Casinos

We also managed to pick out a handful of Bitcoin casinos that really are not worth your time or effort during our testing process, and some are even scams. Therefore, you must avoid these online casinos. They may look attractive at first glance, but believe us when we tell you that they are best avoided for your own sake.

Here are the online Bitcoin casinos that failed at least 1 of our tests:

  • Euro Play Casino

On the whole, everything went pretty well here until we got their customer services department. They responded at first, and then after this, our messages were in the wind. It is a shame because we did have some real issues with the bonuses, and they were not interested in the slightest when we asked for their help.

  • Grand Reef

The main problem with this casino is that they were very slow with payouts. When we contacted customer services about this, we just received automated messages, so we never actually knew if our withdrawals would ever arrive. In all fairness, eventually, they did but left a sour taste in our mouths, and so we blacklisted them.

  •  Balzac

We have previously had bad experiences with this online casino, even before testing it for Bitcoin. This casino failed almost immediately because we could not figure out where the casino was actually licensed. They claim they are licensed, but there was no evidence of this. Licencing is number 1 on our list, and as such, this online casino needs to go on the blacklist.

Casinos not Mentioned in Our Lists

If there is a Bitcoin casino that you are interested playing at, but it has not been listed in our recommended list or blacklist. Then below, we have listed some of the reasons why we have not placed the casino in either section.

  • The games list is relatively poor
  • Lack of variation in the table games section
  • Lack of mobile support
  • Not enough deposit/withdrawal options
  • Slow payout times but good support
  • Poor quality application and no HTML5
  • No LIVE Dealer Suite
  • New And Not Tested Yet

Another reason we do not place all unmentioned casinos on our Blacklist is that some are not guilty of bad customer support or are financially irresponsible. In addition, they are generally licensed quite well, as if the casino was not licensed at least by the Malta Gaming Authority, we would place them on the blacklist. However, some online casinos might be so new, and the owners are still unknown to the online gambling community, so it is simply too early for us to test them. 

A Guide to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Online Casino Gaming

Bitcoin Online CasinoMost people are familiar with Bitcoin or at least aware of it. However, only some people are actually investing in it, though. It’s part of a new tech called blockchain.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to have gained widespread attention, which has meant a lot of media coverage. It is a decentralized currency and, in part, anonymous.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Bitcoin does not physically exist as real cash
  • It does not have a central bank like the Bank of England
  • There are currently over 106 million people and businesses owning bitcoins
  • There is no middleman like a bank or financial institute
  • It is still an extremely volatile currency

For many, the fact that crypto cash is not actual real cash has been off-putting. This is understandable, but if you consider Bitcoin’s value jumped from less than $1,000 per coin at the beginning of 2017 to what is estimated to be $34,160 per coin by the turn of the new year heading into 2022, you can see why online casinos are beginning to take note. 

Unique Bitcoin Casino Gambling

In the past, online casinos were hesitant to accept Bitcoin due to its significant fluctuations, sometimes rising or falling by 20-40% or more in one day or week. This instability still persist. On the other hand, Bitcoin has been showing incredible resilience, seemingly rising in value, taking vast dips in value and then climbing back up above its peak the  next day, week or year..

Gambling Bitcoins and not Currency

It is just a case of developing games whereby players can gamble using Bitcoins for online casinos. This helps the online casino decrease the risk of fluctuation in value. For example, if an online casino takes a Bitcoin and exchanges it into Currency such as US$ or GB£, the casino takes all the risk with the Bitcoin because it is such a volatile currency.

A simple solution to decrease any risk on the casino’s behalf is to create actual casino games where the Currency is not US$ or GB£, but instead, Bitcoin you gamble with as the accepted Currency on the casino game.

However, in 2022 and 2023, many online casinos have started using third-party Bitcoin payment solutions to avoid volatile risks. You can now sell your Bitcoin directly on the casino using the third-party Bitcoin payment solutions and get cash to gamble directly in your casino account.

BTC Casinos Can Reduce the House Edge by Up To 2%

A surprising fact that has become apparent when playing at a Bitcoin casino is that the house edge is reduced by as much as 2% on some casino games. This is a big plus for those with a Bitcoin holding.

Now, this is most certainly a key benefit to gambling using Bitcoins, but please make sure that you check the casino’s reputation before you jump in headfirst. As with all online casinos, they make their casino look as attractive as possible with all manner of unique selling points. The problem is that you need to pick out the honest online casinos and reject the not so honest ones.

We mention this quite often in this report, so we hope you heed our advice. Plus, if you are not sure, we promise you that you cannot go wrong with our recommended online casinos, so give them a go if you are unsure.


There are only five Bitcoin casinos we have found worthy of recommendation. We recommend these casinos for real money gambling. All five have repeatedly shown us that they continue to offer high-quality gaming, complete licensing, and excellent customer support.

  2. Casoo Casino Visit Here or Read Review
  3. Royal Vegas Crypto Casino
  4. or Read Review
  5. Playojo Visit Here
  6. Wazamba Visit Here or Read Review
  7. Bitcasino or  Read Review
  8. Oshi Bitcoin Casino or Read Review

As for the differences between these casinos, you will need to read our casino reviews where you will get a fully detailed account of exactly what each of these online casinos has to offer you as a member.

Bitcoin Mobile and Casino App Gaming

As nearly all online casinos have already adapted to mobile technology, there is no reason why Bitcoin casinos would ignore the fact that to be successful, they need mobile games. Therefore, if an online casino does not consider the enormous demand for mobile gaming, we do not blacklist it, and instead, we will just not recommend it.

The best Bitcoin casinos are compatible with:

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Samsung
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Tablets

You will have no problem finding a BTC website with mobile functionality. Many of them will also offer you the chance to choose how you want to play at their casino.

  • Downloadable App

If you prefer to play on your mobile device using a Bitcoin casino app, you can. Casinos like Vegas Paradise, Jackpot Paradise and Cloud Casino all offer downloadable apps for iOS and Android devices.

  • HTML5 Web Browser Play

One of the latest trends in today’s current web development industry is the use of HTML5 and Java coding. This advanced code allows the browser to render it at high speeds. This has meant that websites such as online casinos can now code in complex and high graphics-intensive games that can be accessed directly via a browser instead of an app.

The very best online casinos use HTML5 as an option for their users. This means there is no need to download an application to your mobile phone. Instead, just visit the casino from your browser and log in. The game lists will be readily available so you can play Bitcoin casino games directly from your mobile.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins?

If you already have a Bitcoin account, then no problems at all, as you are no doubt already very familiar with the inner workings of the currency. However, for those who are new and looking to invest in Bitcoin, read on!

  • It is always a good idea to read reviews about Bitcoin wallets to help choose the best one for you.

Choosing a Bitcoin provider should not be taken lightly. You may need to read entire reviews on which Bitcoin wallets are the best to use, something not too dissimilar from reading about Bitcoin casino reviews or a casino review itself.

But here are some of the safe ones you can use to buy Bitcoins. – Coinbase is on the US stock exchange and is an excellent & safe place to buy bitcoins. You can buy Bitcoins there using a visa, MasterCard and many other payment options. is another good place as the fee are lower. However, it is not as trusted as Coinbase, but on the other hand, it’s the world’s largest crypto trading platform, with millions of members from all parts of world.

Once you have signed up for an account, you can start buying Bitcoins.

How to Setup an Account

Bitcoin accounts are easy to set up once you have found the right wallet for your investment. With so many cryptocurrency wallets out there, the competition is rife, and you can imagine that they all go out of their way to make it as easy as possible for you to open an account.

If you are a total beginner, then you can relate opening a Bitcoin wallet to opening a casino account. You will need some form of verification and an email address. For those of you who already have an e-wallet, such as Neteller, Skrill or PayPal, the process is pretty much the same.

Step 1: Go to your chosen e-wallet website. There are plenty out there, as mentioned. If you want a recommendation, then try something like Coinbase. You will get $10 complimentary, and you can earn $10 worth of cryptocurrency on top. You have a choice of a hardware wallet or a software wallet. If you need more information, then browse to for more details.

Step 2: When you are fully verified, then you can now look at the prices of Bitcoins and the option available to you. You don’t have to buy them if you have a friend willing to transfer some to your wallet. If you buy them, you can use your real money from your bank to purchase Bitcoins. Alternatively, you can go to an online exchange to get your hands on Bitcoins. With the site mentioned above, for example, Coinbase, you can use a bank transfer or visa and MasterCard.

Step 3: Once you have purchased your Bitcoins, you can now head over to one of our recommended Bitcoin casinos and fund your casino account using Bitcoins. If you already have an account, head over to the cashier and use Bitcoin as your preferred payment method for the current deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is part of something called the blockchain. This world of digital currencies is mostly anonymously traded and used to make purchases or exchanges. In many cases, you can pay for products and services that you would typically use real cash.

What is a Bitcoin casino?

A bitcoin casino is simply an online casino where you can use Bitcoin as payment.

How can I find legit crypto casinos?
Unfortunately there are still many crypto casinos that don’t have licensees or low-quality licenses. But if you use the above list we made, you are in good hands. They are all licensed by trustworthy regulators.

How does Bitcoin work?

For the most part, people will find an online website such as Coinbase, where they can sign up for an account. This account is effectively an e-wallet that is used to hold your bitcoins. There is also a way to get Bitcoins by mining, which is quite complicated.

 To become a miner, you need an app installed on your computer. The app will help generate Bitcoins on an interconnected network. That network can generate more coins, but unlike real cash, whereby printing too much will devalue the currency, Bitcoin mining does not. Instead, each Bitcoin has an e-signature, and when one is mined, it needs an e-signature assigned to it. With the e-signature, the coin will become part of the Bitcoin network and pick up the current market value of a Bitcoin.
You can read more about mining Bitcoins here.

 Can I use Bitcoins to fund my casino account?

With the huge burst in popularity of Bitcoin, an increasing number of reputable online casinos are starting to implement a Bitcoin gaming portfolio. Yes on many online casinos you can.

 Are Bitcoins safe?

They are nearly as safe as an e-wallet such as PayPal. The chances of being hacked are very low, and if you have a decent e-wallet provider, this should not be a problem. As for the fluctuation in the value of Bitcoins, this is always a big risk with Bitcoin. We have seen the value of a single Bitcoin rise up to over $60000 for then to fall back to the $20000 range within one year. At the time of this writing, it is in the $19449 range. So yes, there is a significant risk here for BTC to go both ways.

 Do BTC Offer Quick Deposits and Withdrawals?

For Bitcoin casino players, deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous. You will have no downtime at all either way your Bitcoins go.

 Are there transaction fees associated with Bitcoins?

As there is no middle man, Bitcoins are sent using peer-to-peer transactions. This means that any transaction fee associated with a Bitcoin exchange is very low – much lower than when dealing with a bank where either the player or casino has to foot a charge for using their service.

Last words

Many online casinos have been slow in adopting cryptocurrency, because the uncertainty . But, it is now more evident than ever that Bitcoin is here to stay. So more and more online casinos now take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies., will continue test the new trending online casino payment option in cryptocurrencies. So we can give you up-to-the-date reviews on how the latest cryptocurrency craze is growing.

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