Casino Games: Learn About Payout Ratio (RTP)

Last Updated on May 8, 2024

Understanding and Winning at Online Casino Games of Chance

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Many of you will already know that games of chance, such as most online and offline casino games, cannot be affected by skill. However, in some casino games, you can improve your chances of winning with strategy.

Still, in the end, it is up to Lady Luck if you win or not. Roulette, Blackjack, baccarat, craps, and the many thousands of different slot machines will all require luck to win. And the player can unfortunately not control luck.

All casino games will give the casino an edge over you in terms of the odds. If you have heard the phrase “the house always wins,” this is precisely how it works, as in the long run, the house will always come out in profit. If online casinos were not guaranteed to make profits, they would not be there in the first place.

The house’s edge over you will depend on the specific game you play and the rules attached to it. Still, you can be sure that over an ‘X’ amount of games played at a casino, sometimes even many hundreds of them, the casinos will always be confident that the money lost by players will exceed any payouts they give to players.

But, it is still totally possible to play a game/games at the casino and walk away as a winner, I have tried this many times. So this is mainly because one night playing at a casino is not always enough for those odds to turn in the casino’s favour if a player is smart enough to take their winnings and leave.

Understanding Chance and Payout Ratio

Every game of chance you will find at a casino will have a payout ratio associated with them. This is also called RTP (return-to-player) and is basically the long-term rate of how much money will be paid out to players divided by how much has been staked.

An RTP could be anything but is usually upwards of 90% for most casino games. The percentage left is considered the house edge, so if a game had an RTP of 90%, 10% would be the house edge this particular game would have in the long run.

For example, if $10,000 were played on a game with an RTP of 90% by a selection of players and over a long period of time, the casino would expect to pay out $9,000 of that and keep $1,000.

  • Payout (RTP) of Roulette

Roulette icon For RTPThe payout percentage of roulette would depend on the variations of the game being played. For example, American roulette has a lower RTP of 94.74% than the European Roulette RTP of 97.30%. This is because the American variation has a ‘double zero’ on the wheel – an additional place for the ball to land. This means that the house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%, and it is 2.70% for European Roulette. So, in conclusion, it is simply not wise to play the American version, only play the European roulette, and you will win more in the long run.

  • Payout (RTP) of Blackjack

Blackjack ion for RTPGo to any land-based casino, and you will see that the blackjack tables are easily among the most populated. This is simply because this game usually offers the lowest house edge. However, this will vary depending on the rules and the strategies used, but a Blackjack game using standard rules and strategy will give an RTP of around 99.50% or a house edge of around 0.50%, depending on number of decks of cards used, and rules. You can learn basic online blackjack strategy here.

  • Payout (RTP) of Baccarat

As for Baccarat, this might not be as popular as some of the other casino table games; However, Baccarat is very popular in Asia, and it actually has a very impressive RTP of 98.99%. This means the house only has an edge of 1.06% if you bet on the banker over a long-term period. Furthermore, this means that players have a very decent chance of walking away as a winner when playing Baccarat at the casino.

  • Payout (RTP) of Craps

Craps is another game of chance that you will find at some casinos, and this dice game offers up a long-term RTP of 98.64%. This does not quite measure up with the payout ratios of Blackjack and Baccarat. However, you are still statistically more likely to be a winner in the long term than when playing European Roulette.

  • Payout (RTP) of 3-Card Poker

Another table game you will find at casinos is 3-card poker, and here you are pitting your wits against a dealer rather than other players like you would in other forms of poker. The RTP for this game is a decent 98.24% if you are using a proper strategy.

  • Payout (RTP) of Slot Machines

Slots RTP Icon

Slot machines can be found in abundance at both online and offline casinos, and these will offer up a wide variety of RTP’s. Generally, this will range between 85% and 99% depending on the games that you play with those offering the potential of big jackpots such as progressive jackpot slots being among those with the lowest RTPs. This is to make up for those life-changing amounts of money that can be won.

An example of some of the RTP’s can be found on popular titles such as Guns n Roses (96.98%), The Dog House Megaways (96.55%), and Mega Moolah (88.12%). The latter of these is a progressive jackpot slot, while the others are standard video slots. I would not recommend playing at any online slots that have an RTP below 95%. You can see all the best paying online slots here.

  • Payout (RTP) of Video Poker Games

Video Poker Icon for RTP

Video poker machines are another favourite at the online casinos, and the RTP will differ depending on the particular game you are playing. Examples would include ‘Jacks or Better,’ with an RTP of 99.54% and ‘Aces or Faces’ with an RTP of 99.26%. Both of these Video Poker games have excellent RTPs, which will give players a good chance of potentially walking away as a winner after a long session.


The Best RTP For Video Poker Games
I have listed below here some of the online Video poker games with the highest RTP:

  1. Jacks or Better – Is the game most play when playing online video poker it has a 99.54% RTP and a low variance. It can be played at online casino.
  2. Deuces Wild – Microgaming’s video poker Deuces Wild has a  99.37% RTP and  can be played at  Leo Vegas
  3.  Double Bonus Poker – RTP is on most online casinos 98,04% to 99,11% , can be played at Lucky Nugget casino

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Understanding Variance

You should now have a decent understanding of payout percentages and the specific RTPs of the games that you might play at the casinos. However, remember these RTPs are calculated over long periods of playing time. During shorter sessions, players will be able to experience a lot more variance, a term that is used to describe the random nature of any outcomes that can occur throughout that expected average over a long time.

This variance is what makes it both worth and appealing for players to play casino games. For example, due to this variance, you could win $10k from a single spin using $1 on a slot machine but at the same time could have five turns playing red on a roulette game betting $20 each time and win nothing.

Variance is measured by how often wins can come against the average size of those wins. This means that games such as progressive slots or games that pay out big are usually classed as high variance games. On the other hand, casino games with often but regular smaller wins are considered low variance.

Many players choose a game depending on their RTP, but this can be the wrong path to take as, in fact, if you want a chance to come out with a big win, it is financially preferable to play high variance games despite the lower RTP. Take Blackjack VS European Roulette as an example. Blackjack has a much higher RTP, but Roulette offers the chance of winning payouts as high as 36:1.

In other words, you have more chance of winning an amount you would deem acceptable in a single spin with high variance games. On the other hand, a low variance game may have a higher RTP, but you will have to play a lot of spins and rely on a lot of consistent luck to win a similar amount.

If you are a slot machine player we have a good guide to Volatility in Online Slots.

Strategies and Tips to Win At Games of Chance

With you now having a better understanding of payout ratios and variance, the only thing standing in your way of a better chance of winning is the strategies and tips that you can use when playing the many different casino games.


When playing roulette, you are simply going against chance, but how you fair will depend heavily on the betting strategy that you employ. Roulette offers you various bets that you can place, which will bring their own rewards. However, using a betting strategy will minimize your losses while also slightly improving your chances of bringing in a profit in the long term.

There are several roulette strategies, but the D’Alembert Strategy and the Martingale Strategy are the most popular. For inexperienced players, these can be a little confusing, but you will be able to find plenty of information on these strategies on the internet that will take you through them in detail.

  • Blackjack

As for Blackjack, this is a game where it is important to know when the best time to hit and the best time to stand. You will have to understand the odds of you hitting your required cards and the likeliness of going bust on each hand. Another factor of importance is of knowing when the right time to either cut your losses or to walk away when winning.

There are numerous strategies out there that you can use. Still, some of the more common basic strategies include the Surrender Strategy, Pair Splitting Strategy, Hit and Stand Strategy, and the Doubling Down Strategy.

  • Baccarat

Baccarat, like all other table games, is a game of chance, and all you can do is make bets that give you a better chance of winning if you want to succeed. It is common knowledge that players should never make the ‘tie’ bet as this offers the biggest house edge of 14.4% compared to the ‘Banker’ and ‘Player’, which have house edges of 1.06% and 1.24% respectively.

As you can see above, the ‘Banker’ bet is clearly the best of them as it will win just over 50% of the time. To compensate for that rate, casinos will slap on a 5% commission on any wins from that bet, but even with that, this is still the bet you should be playing more often than not. In fact, many players will continuously bet on the banker until it loses.

  • Craps

Craps is similar in a way to Roulette in that it has so many different bets that can be placed with each having their own odds of winning. Again, there are many betting strategies that can be employed when playing this game, but most players will simply follow a few ‘rules of thumb’ about the game to give them a better chance of winning.

On the Come Out Roll, easily the best bet is the Pass Line Bet, which offers a house edge of just 1.41%. Once a point is established, you should also be placing the Odds Bet on every occasion as this bet actually has a zero edge for the house.

As for bets to avoid, easily, the worst of them are Proposition Bets due to it having the largest house edge. Other bets to avoid are the Hard 4, Hard 10, Big 6, and Big 8, as this pays out just 1:1 and has a significant house edge of 9%.

  • Slot Machines

Slot machines, both online and land-based, are among the most entertaining games to play at the casinos, but there are some considerations you should make before choosing one to play. Go for high variance slots with as high an RTP as possible (see them here) and always bet on all paylines to maximize your chances.

You should also know the slot and its bonus features very well, so it is worth playing the free version of the games first (if playing online). Many slots will give you an increased chance of wins the more you bet per spin – so keep this in mind too. Read How To Win on Slots

  • Video Poker

There are quite a few different types of video poker games, so each will offer something a little different. However, there are some general tips that players can use to improve their chances across each of them.

One such tip is to always play using the maximum coins as these will give you the maximum value in terms of odds. The Royal House, for example, will give you around 800:1 should you land it with maximum coins compared to around 250:1 for using fewer coins.

Another tip is to make sure you understand the rules and the paytable for the video poker game you are playing. You could play the games for free beforehand to make sure that you understand them before moving on to play for some real cash.

General Tips When Playing Games of Chance

While each game will have its own strategies and tips associated with them, games of chance, in general, will all be able to adopt the following tips as well.


  • Play Smart

No matter what online casino game you are playing, it is important to play as smart as possible to minimize any losses or maximize any wins that may come your way. Always try your best not to get carried away, and do not let any emotions get in the way of your decisions. Stick to your budget rigidly and treat gambling as a source of fun and not a source of earnings.


  • Know the Game You Are Playing

Whenever you think about playing a game of chance for money, you need to understand the game and its rules before starting. If you have no idea about Roulette, Blackjack, or any game when you start playing, there is a very high chance that you will come out on the losing side. So read up on the rules of the game you are thinking of playing and learn all the odds and bet types.


  • Maximize Your Returns

Whenever you go to a brick-and-mortar casino or play at an online casino, you will want to make sure that you give yourself the very best chance of maximizing your returns from any game. This can be done by ensuring you are playing the games with the highest RTP (or lowest house edge). Doing so will give you a better chance of winning throughout your session. However, RTP should not be your only consideration, as you should also look at the games’ variance. For example, if you want to try to win larger amounts, a high variance progressive jackpot slot with an RTP of 95% is certainly a better bet than a low variance slot with an RTP of 97%.

You can even further maximize your returns by taking advantage of welcome bonuses, free spins, loyalty schemes, and other promotions that the casinos might run. Each of the above tips will help you improve your bottom line and choose the suitable game for you.


  • Play in the Right Frame of Mind

You have to be sure that you are not full of emotion are not too tired or drunk before playing a game of chance. The last thing you want to be doing is making the wrong decisions when playing, and if you are not clear of mind, these are more likely to occur.

If you are bemoaning your luck or are angry at the results, it would be better to stop playing rather than making things worse by chasing your losses. Full concentration with no emotion is required if you want to have the best chance of winning.


  • Only Bet What You Can Afford to Lose

Gambling should never be seen as a profession and a way to make ends meet, and remember, the casino always wins in the end. Treat it like a hobby, a form of entertainment that has the potential to bring some financial rewards and nothing else. Only bet with money you have set apart each month and money that is not needed in other areas of your life, such as paying bills. Once that money has been lost, wait until a new month instead of using the money you shouldn’t be.

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