Maple Casino Review

Maple Casino Review

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This online casino is a Canadian based Microgaming casino that presents a massive amount of games and some rather interesting promotions. One promotion that has caught my eye over at the Maple Casino and it will most likely intrigue you also – $1250 with no deposit needed or you can opt for a 150% match bonus instead.










You are not going to be very impressed by their website, but if you can get past that, then you’ll have a great opportunity to rake in some nice cash with their bonuses. Just download and deposit to start working towards that free money. Just for reference sake, if you deposit $40 on the 150% matching bonus that is one of the options for Maple Casino new members, then you will be getting $100 free.


Ok so keep in mind that the $1250 does have some limitations, but they are easy to work within. Once you have an account with Maple Casino, you will get sixty minutes in which you can wager with $1250. When that time expires you get to keep everything over that initial $1250 up to $100. You do have to make a minimum deposit of forty, but it ends up being worth the try. After around five hours, you get the bonus put into your account once you have made that initial deposit.


Even though the Maple Casino seems to be targeted towards Canadian online gamblers, it’s really for anyone. My opinion of Maple Casino is that it is decent. If you’ve read my reviews consistently then you know that I’m a big fan of Playtech. Microgaming casinos like Maple Casino, to me, are good for players that are into very fast games with ok graphics.


I personally like something a little more visually impressive, but that’s just me. One game that Microgaming does offer and it’s at Maple Casino is Bonus Blackjack. The one thing that I didn’t like, even though my bank roll wasn’t that impressive at Maple Casino yet, is the fact that their betting caps are more mid ranged than I would prefer. If I want to bet a grand, then I want that option you know?


If you are looking for a decent bonus and need another online casino in your arsenal then I would say it’s cool to go ahead and try out Maple Casino. If you are satisfied with your online casino then I am not pressing the case for you to switch over to Maple. The casino is fair, the customer service is easily accessible and I do like the bonuses. Feel free to check them out and make your own determination about them.



9 Total Score

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