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Finding The Best Casino Tournament Sites in Canada

Playing Casino Slots Tournament on Mobile

Casino tournaments are overlooked many times, especially by newbie players. You could be playing at an online casino, spinning away on your favorite games without knowing you are actually participating in some tournaments or casino races. You may be surprised to see a tournament prize pop up on your account later on, so you’re wondering how that happened. In this article, we will try to explain everything about casino tournaments and recommend some of the best casino tournament sites in Canada. Let’s get started.

The 3 Best Casino Tournament Sites






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A lot of casinos in the industry offer tournaments on their sites. But this doesn’t mean that all of them are good and worth playing at. When you decide on a casino site and a tournament to play in, you must consider many factors. Below, we will explain the main ones. We also have a recommendation for reputable tournament casinos for players from Canada. They are all tested by our casino experts and proven legit and reputable in every way.

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Affiliate Disclosure: With over two decades in the casino gaming realm, has fostered solid ties with licensed and regulated gaming platforms. Our depth of experience allows us to offer well-informed recommendations. While we receive advertising commissions from specific affiliate links when users register and deposit, our content remains unbiased. Our dedication lies in presenting trustworthy information with our users’ best interests at heart.

Casino Reputation

Reputation iconBefore you join a casino and make a real money deposit it’s always a good idea to do some basic research about the brand. A simple search on google or across gambling forums will give you a pretty good idea of what you’re up against. Today it’s very hard to hide a bad reputation and it always pops up on one site or another. Always play at reputable casinos and avoid the ones with a shady reputation.


The operating license is the first thing you need to check when you come across a new casino. Every operator must have a valid operating license, which is clearly stated on their site. When you click on the license link it needs to take you to the website of the licensor and the license should be active. If this is missing you are looking at a shady casino and you are strongly advised not to play there.

Casino games

When you come across a slot tournament at some casino it’s always better if the casino has a big number of online slots, powered by different providers. This way if you are not having good luck with the games from one provider you can easily move to games from another provider. You can always mix the games a bit and eventually, you’ll come across a hot one.


Every online player wants to get their winnings as fast as possible. Whether they are tournament prizes or withdrawals from your deposits, you want that money to hit your bank account ASAP. You can then enjoy spending them or even play again at some other casino. There’s nothing more frustrating for a player to watch his money on the casino account for days on end and not reaching his bank account.

Tournament Rules and prizes

The best tournament casinos in Canada also have the best rules and prizes. If the tournament prize needs to be wagered 50 times there’s really no point to play at that tournament. The chances are you will go bust before you manage to clear the wager. Always aim to play at casinos where the tournament prizes are awarded as pure cash or come with a low wagering requirement.

What is a casino tournament?

A casino tournament is basically a competition where you compete against other players at the casino for a place on the leaderboard. The rules of any casino tournament are pretty simple. You need to play the games, collect points and climb up the leaderboard. The better your rank when the tournament ends the better your prize will be. Some tournaments come with hefty prizes, so they are well worth playing. Let’s have a more detailed look at how these tournaments work and what you need to know.

Types of casino tournaments

While the concept of a casino tournament is generally the same, there are some crucial differences that you need to consider. Understanding each type of tournament is crucial since then you can plan your gameplay and optimize your chances of getting a good score. The better your score, the better the prizes are. So it’s well worth it to spend some time and do some research to improve your odds. Below are some of the most common types of tournaments that you can come across at online casinos.

Free Roll tournaments

As you can already guess from the name this is s free roll tournament. Basically, this means that you don’t need to invest any money to take part in this tournament. In most cases, Free Roll tournaments work, that you are given a certain amount of free spins or a bonus amount of money to play on some slots. You play that money or free spins and get points for each win. The points are added up and when your free spins or free money is depleted your overall score is calculated.

These tournaments are great to have some fun and get some nice prizes along the way. Unfortunately, the prizes in Free Roll tournaments are usually low. In most cases, the winner of the tournament gets 100 free spins or around $10 in cash funds. Still, if you have no money to play and want a shot to earn a bit of free money, the Free Roll tournaments are a great place to be.

Daily tournament

Daily tournaments are pretty self-explanatory. The tournament lasts only 24 hours. You play the games and earn points as you do. Whoever gets the most points after 24 hours is the winner of the tournament. The prizes here can be hefty, as you are playing casino games with real money.

Weekly tournament

Weekly tournaments last for 7 days. You can play the casino games at any time during those 7 days and earn points. The person with the most points at the end of the tournament takes home the top prize. Weekly tournaments are known to have great prizes. The top ones can range in the thousands of dollars. This is so because many players take part in the tournament and the points they accumulate over a 7 days period are quite high.

Monthly tournament

Monthly tournaments are competitions that last for a month or 30 days, depending on the month in question. These tournaments are reserved for regular players that spread out their gameplay for a full month at the casino. To score any of the top positions in these tournaments you will need to invest a bigger amount of funds or have very long sessions. The prizes are very lucrative, with some casinos giving away brand-new cars or all-expenses-paid luxury cruises.

Seasonal Tournament

Seasonal Tournaments are usually done at the start of a season or for some big holidays. Many casinos host summer tournaments or Christmas tournaments. There’s not really a general rule as to how long these tournaments can last. It can be a week, a month, or even a few months. It all depends on the casino in question. The prizes associated with these tournaments are usually higher and the winner can easily rake in thousands of dollars.

Tournaments with Buy-in and Re-Buy

Some tournaments work in a different way. You need to buy in a certain amount to get entry to the tournament. For example to enter you have a Buy In cost of $10 on a slot tournament. You get 100 spins to play the tournament game. After you play those spins and get your points, you can re-buy again for a price of $10 and get another 100 spins. You play them again and get more points based on your winnings.

At some of these tournaments, there is no limit to how many times you can re-buy. On others, it can be limited up to 3, 5, 10 or however the tournament rules are. The goal here is to keep rebuying to get the top position or as close to the top as you can. Of course, you also need to consider the top prize and the cost of the re-buys. It’s not really wise to spend $100 on re-buys if the top prize is $100.

Knock Out tournament

Knock-out tournaments work in rounds. There are usually several rounds and the winner or the top 3 winners from each round progress to the next one. Most of the time there are 5 rounds, with the top prizes from the first 4 rounds being entry to the next round. The top prizes in the last round can be pretty hefty, often ranging in the thousands of dollars.

Exclusive High-Roller tournament

As you can guess by the name these tournaments are reserved for high-roller players. Usually, the player gets an exclusive invitation and once enough of them are confirmed to take part the tournament begins. As you would expect at these tournaments the prizes are massive. But on the other hand, high rollers easily wager hundreds of thousands of dollars in the course of the tournament.

Slots tournament

Real Money Slot Machine TournamentWhen it comes to real money tournaments the most popular games to play them on are slots. Online slots are fun and easy to play and you can easily wager huge chunks of bankroll in a relatively short time. This translates to a high number of points and high rankings on the leaderboards. This is why many players take part in slots tournaments, have a lot of fun and hopefully earn some great prizes.

Table Games tournaments

As you can guess from the name these tournaments are reserved for table games. It can be blackjack, roulette, poker, or even Pai Gow. It all depends on the tournament and the rules the casino imposes. These tournaments cater to table game fans and can often bring in hefty prizes.

How to join

When you start playing at some online casino it’s always a good idea to see if there is some tournament going around. At most casinos, you automatically enroll in a tournament once you start playing the games. So you can easily participate in a tournament without even knowing. But if you have a good run and get some big wins you can easily wager a big amount of money on the games and climb high on the leaderboard.

The problem with not knowing you are taking part in a tournament is that you can come close to the top position and not know it. So you can end up making a withdrawal, without realizing you just need to get a few more hundred points for the top prize of the tournament. Imagine if the top prize is $2,000 and you didn’t wager 500 more to get it, ending up in a third place with a prize of $500.

In some tournaments, however, you need to join before you start playing, so you can start earning points. You usually need to open the tournament and hit the join button. After that, every bet you make will count towards the tournament and you will earn points.

Tournament Rules

As far as the tournament rules go they differ from one casino to another and from one tournament to another. In most cases, you can only take part in a tournament by wagering real money. So if you claim a bonus and play the games you will not get any points in the tournament. You will however start getting points once you wager the bonus and your balance is transferred to cash.

In most tournaments there’s also a minimum required bet to take part. In most cases, this is $0.50 per spin, but it can be more depending on the casino. Also, you should be aware that at many casinos the tournament prizes come with wagering requirements attached. In most cases, they are 3x the prize, but at some, they can be 5, 10, or even 50 times the prize. This is why it’s always a good idea to do some research and go through the tournament rules. You never know what you can find there and you can save yourself some nasty surprises in the long run.

Tournament prizes

The tournament prizes vary from one casino to another and from one tournament to another. Usually, the free roll tournaments have the lowest prizes, because no money actually goes into the tournament from the players. The rest of the tournaments usually come with hefty prizes. In most cases, the monthly and seasonal tournaments have the highest prizes. Many players take part in them and a lot of funds are wagered because of the duration.

It’s always a good idea to see the tournament rules before you decide to start playing. Every tournament posts the rules, including the top prizes. It’s a good idea to go for tournaments where the top 10 positions get hefty prizes. This way even if you don’t have enough points to get to the first place you can still earn a good prize.

An example of a big tournament is at Casumo casino, and you can join here. Casumo had over 8,798 Reel Races tournaments last year, paying out nearly 3 million dollars. The max prices I have played for at Casumo are around 15000 Dollars in the first prize, and prizes to the players in the top 10.

The Cons

What are the Downside of Online Casino Tournaments?

While online casino tournaments can be a fun and engaging way to enjoy various casino games, there are also several downsides to consider:

  1. Addiction potential: Online casino tournaments can be highly addictive, as they are designed to be engaging and keep players coming back for more. This can lead to problem gambling, financial difficulties, and negative impacts on mental health and personal relationships.
  2. Lack of personal interaction: Online tournaments lack the social aspect that is present in land-based casinos. Players may miss the camaraderie and personal connections that are formed when playing in person.
  3. Technical issues: Connectivity problems, server crashes, and software glitches can disrupt the flow of an online tournament, creating frustration for participants.
  4. Rogue casinos: There’s a risk of encountering rogue casinos that are not properly regulated, which could lead to the loss of funds or personal information. So only gamble at trusted online casinos
  5. Unpredictable payout structure: Online casino tournaments often have different payout structures compared to regular casino games. Players might find it difficult to understand these structures, which can lead to confusion and disappointment.
  6. Time commitment: Online tournaments can require significant time investments, which can interfere with work, personal relationships, and other responsibilities.
  7. Responsible gambling concerns: Online casinos may not have as strict responsible gambling measures in place as land-based casinos. Players may not have access to the same resources or support if they struggle with gambling addiction.
  8. Lower sensory experience: Online tournaments cannot replicate the full sensory experience of playing in a land-based casino, such as the sounds, smells, and atmosphere. Some players may find this aspect lacking in online play.


Can any player join a casino tournament?
Yes, every player that is allowed to create an account and play at the casino can also take part in casino tournaments.
Can I play casino tournaments from my mobile phone?
Yes, as long as you can play the tournament games from mobile you can participate in the tournament..
What is the best prize you’ve seen in a slot tournament?
There are many great prizes ranging in the thousands of dollars. At some casinos, you can even win a brand-new Tesla or a Porsche.
Are slots tournaments worth playing?
Of course. At many tournaments, you participate simply by playing the games. So you can play to make a withdrawal and get some tournament prizes along the way. It is fun and exciting to play them.

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