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NetEnt Live Casino Dealer Suite

Netent Live Casino Play ViewNetEnt, or Net Entertainment as they are also referred to, are widely known for their excellence in developing award winning online slots, and other casino games. One of the most recent avenues they have gone down is developing high-quality LIVE dealer games for online casinos to use on their behalf.

LIVE dealer suites are one of the current trends at the online casinos for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest reason is that random number generator software is not used for this type of online casino game. Online slots and other games at the online casinos use RNG software to determine the results that appear on the screen. This software is needed because online casinos are virtual and therefore are not a physical in any way.

While online casinos are regulated and have these RNGs tested to ensure they deliver fair results, even those of us that do not have a conspiracy theorist bone in our body will have at some point thought that the RNG is doing us over for some reason or another. So the fact that results on LIVE dealer games are seen by our own eyes and are decided on pure luck makes most players feel a lot better when playing.

NetEnt is one of the industry leaders when it comes to developing casino games and once you see some of their LIVE casino games, you will see just why. Their games are always of high-quality and always provide an entertaining experience. Their LIVE dealer suite is no different as it uses HD video streaming, highly trained dealers and croupiers, complex betting and results software and it is either streamed from a custom-built studio or even from a real-life casino.

The end result is an excellent experience for players that is as close as being in a real casino as you can get. You get to see all of the action from your computer or device and somewhere else in the world is a dealer or croupier that is dealing the cards or spinning the wheel in real-time.

Having been around for almost 20 years now, NetEnt has been involved in the online gambling industry for most of its entirety. They have built and run their own casinos, developed some of the most popular online slots of all time and are now at the front of LIVE dealer gaming as well. All of this put together makes it difficult for any online casino to not consider NetEnt when it comes to choosing a provider of LIVE dealer games.

Carry on reading our in-depth review of Net Entertainments LIVE dealer casino games and you will quickly learn why they and it are among the very best in the business.

What are Live Dealer Games

If you were to combine an online casino with a land-based casino, LIVE dealer games are what you would most likely get close to having. Live dealer games are basically casino table games that do not use RNG software and instead use real dealers and real gaming equipment that are then streamed to the computers or mobile devices of players.

Usually streamed from a studio but in some cases also from real-life land-based casinos, live dealer games are becoming some of the most popular types of games at the online casinos. Many players like the fact that there is no RNG software being used to determine the results and while this sort of software is regulated at online casinos to ensure that it is fair, players would still rather have their results determined by absolute luck rather than randomness.

The player uses the online casino software on his PC or mobile device to place bets and this is connected to software on the server. As the game is streamed, players place their bets before the result is determined and the software on the server automatically reads the results on the web cams and pays out or takes the credits due.

This software is actually very high-tech. It can read the cards or the result on the roulette wheel. This is why NetEnt is right up there with the best of them when it comes to LIVE dealer suites, as they have managed to develop such excellent software.

NetEnt Live Dealer Games

NetEnt LIVE dealer games are considered to be some of the best around and while they do not have as many titles as some of their competitors, where they stand out is in how they deliver their games and what their games can do.

They currently have three titles that include Roulette and Blackjack but they offer these in 25 different languages and currencies and can provide a large number of tables at once to ensure that no player is left without a seat. On their latest game, NetEnt LIVE Common Draw Blackjack, they have actually managed to let it have unlimited seats and multiple different languages and currencies can be used while the players are playing.

They also provide themselves with being able to provide an almost flawless gaming experience that has high-quality HD resolution and extremely low latency that ensures a seamless stream that is never interrupted.

Their LIVE games are streamed from Malta, either from a studio or in some case an actual casino that has other players that you can see in the stream.

Where Can I Find NetEnt LIVE Dealer Suites

The LIVE dealer suite of NetEnt is a hugely popular one for both players and online casinos alike and you will be able to find it on many online casinos across the internet. These online casinos want the best possible software for their players to enjoy and they know just how big a name NetEnt is in the industry.

Among the top online casinos that use the NetEnt LIVE gaming suite:

LeoVegas is an award-winning online casino and one of the most popular about today. While they use a variety of LIVE dealer suites, the fact that they also use NetEnt live games is a massive compliment to NetEnt.

About NetEnt

NetEnt is the second oldest casino software developer behind Microgaming. Launched in 2008, two years after that of their biggest rival, NetEnt has gone on to become one of the biggest names in the industry and has a history that is steeped in nothing else but success.

From producing hugely popular slots such as Mega Fortune, Starburst, South Park, Gonzo’s Quest, Boom Brothers and Jack and the Beanstalk to now producing some of the best LIVE dealer games around, NetEnt is arguably the best casino software house out there.

NetEnt currently serves more than 170 online casinos with their products and has developed more than 200 unique casino games in their time as software developers. This might not be quite as much as some other prominent names but NetEnt has always dealt in quality over quantity.

Other developers create a game and then just copy everything apart from its theme and create another game. This leads to many games being exactly the same in every way apart from how they look. NetEnt does not do this and makes sure that each of their games is completely unique from anything else out there at the time. Simply put, they are innovators that others follow rather than the other way around.

They also try to ensure that each of their products has the compatibility to be played on various mobile devices as well as on desktop computers and laptops. The online gambling industry has had to keep up with the times in recent years due to rapidly evolving mobile technology. As almost everyone has access to a mobile device at all times, it was important that the online gambling industry quickly adapted to this by making all of their games and casinos mobile-friendly in one way or another.

You can be certain that practically every game by NetEnt is mobile-optimised and can thus, work on pretty much any device. Mobile-optimisation is the art of making software that can automatically determine the device it is being used on and changing its parameters so that it can fit the screen and be played effectively.

NetEnt LIVE Dealer Software

Using your own logic, you might just think that the premise of setting up LIVE dealer games is easy. However, once you have actually seen the software and technology that goes into it, you will actually be quite surprised at how complex it all is. This is why big brands such as NetEnt create these games and we do the easy part in playing them, as they have the knowledge and the tools to be able to create something like this.

This is how it all works:

  1. Various Webcams

A number of high definition webcams are used to provide the picture that is then streamed to our devices. There are usually more than one used as players are given the ability to view the game from different angles.

  1. Software Used for Automatically for Results

This is where things really start to get impressive as you will see that LIVE suites are more than just a webcam and streaming software. NetEnt and other LIVE dealer suites use high-tech software that can actually read the results as they happen. It can read all of the physical cards and the physical Roulette wheel and automatically determine which players have won and which have lost.

  1. Betting Software

The betting software is what the players will be using while logged into their online casino. This software will appear on your screen and will be designed in such a way that it looks like the actual table you would be playing on at the online casino. This table has to be emulated as it is not possible to use real chips and thus they need to be digitalised.

This interface is an extension of the stream that you are receiving and it is here where you will be placing your chips in order to bet.

  1. Mobile-Optimisation

Online casinos these days are moving in the direction of being mobile-optimised as these days there are more people that connect to the internet via mobile devices than there are that use PCs or laptops. In order to be a potential supplier of LIVE dealer games to these casinos, NetEnt knows that they have to make their games mobile-optimised as well so that players of all devices can play them.

All of their LIVE dealer games are in fact optimised to be played on mobile devices and their games will automatically adjust to fit any screen of any size. This enables players to enjoy the games whether they are using a full-size monitor or a 4” screen.

Full List of LIVE Dealer Games

NetEnt might not have the sheer volume of different games on their LIVE dealer suite but what you can be sure of, is that each of the games is of the highest quality.  They have just three games at the moment but these games are available across multiple tables offering different limits, languages and currencies. In fact, NetEnt supports 25 of both currencies and languages, something that no other LIVE dealer suite can boast.

  • NetEnt LIVE Roulette

Roulette is easily one of the most popular games at any casino you might walk into or log in at and NetEnt wants to make sure that your LIVE roulette experience is going to be one that you will not forget. Players have two different camera angles to choose from as they place their bets and the HD resolution used for the streaming is top-class.

They even allow you to place your bets while the Roullete is spinning, something that you can do at land-based casinos but not on any other LIVE dealer suite apart from this one.

  • NetEnt LIVE Blackjack

Blackjack is another classic casino table game that has always been popular at casinos both online and offline. NetEnt has once again provided a high-quality LIVE game that features excellent graphics, seamless streaming with very low latency and highly trained dealers. The user interface is very innovative and allows players to place their bets with ease and they also have access to statistics such as the dealer’s last ten hands.

  • NetEnt LIVE Common Draw Blackjack

NetEnt would not be NetEnt if they did not do something that no other software developer has done in the online casino industry. They have created NetEnt LIVE Common Draw Blackjack that can seat an unlimited amount of players at each table. On top of that, any of the 25 currencies and languages can be used when playing, meaning you could have 30 players using USD and another 30 using GBP but they are at the same table.

We think this is the future of LIVE dealer gaming as it can be quite annoying having to wait in line for a seat at a table like you have to on other LIVE dealer suites

LIVE Dealer Training.

NetEnt does not simply pick anyone off of the street to be one of their LIVE dealers as they have a strict set of requirements. Most of the time these are actually qualified dealers that have worked in the land-based casino industry for a number of years. Even when they are selected and given the job, they are then still trained to an even higher standard to ensure that no mistakes are made.

Mistakes can be costly for an online casino in terms of money lost and reputation tarnished, so it is important that these are kept to a minimum. Mistakes do happen as we are only human but too many can be quite damaging. Fortunately, at NetEnt these are very rare as they have some of the best dealers and croupiers in the business operating their LIVE games.

NetEnt Licensing

NetEnt has licenses under a variety of different jurisdictions for the products and services that they provide. This not only gives them multiple seals of approval as each regulatory authority will have strict rules to adhere to, but it also means that you can be absolutely certain that their games and casinos are completely fair.

They hold a license in the UK under the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), in Belgium under the Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC), in Gibraltar under the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GGC), in Malta under the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), in New Jersey, USA under the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), in Romania under the ONJN, and in Spain under the DGOJ. That is a total of seven different jurisdictions and licensing authorities that they are regulated by.

Among the toughest gambling authorities is that of the UK Gambling Commission and it is widely known as the leading gambling authority out there. Among the requirements for getting a license from the UKGC is that you agree to have the RNG (random number generator) software on your games randomly tested by third-party organisations which are sourced and sent by eCogra.

Why Choose a NetEnt Gaming Casino

Despite being one of the leading casino game developers, NetEnt never has it all their own way as there is always some stiff competition about. Microgaming and Evolution Gaming especially, are known for having excellent LIVE dealer suites as well and both of them are regularly used at online casinos too.

They might not yet have the many different variations of the games that other LIVE suites do but you can tell that NetEnt on working on the delivery and quality side of things to ensure that their products offer the best entertainment, quality and reliability than the rest of them. We are sure that more games will follow as soon as they have managed to perfect everything in that regard.

What they have going for them is their huge experience and history in the online gambling industry and for being one of the industry leaders. When anyone thinks of NetEnt, they think of high-quality online gambling and it is this reasons that so many online casinos choose their software over that of any others.

As for the reasons to choose NetEnt’s LIVE dealer suite, this is easy. The quality of the games, the multiple languages and currencies that are supported and their extremely innovative user-interfaces are big reasons for a start. You then have the support that they provide, the low latency that they promise and deliver and some LIVE games that feature some of the very best dealers and croupiers that you will find.

The other LIVE dealer suites are fantastic as well but none feel quite as good in terms of quality. Try it for yourself, go and visit a table of each of the big LIVE dealer providers and you will straight away feel like you had the better experience at NetEnt.

A lack of games is the only downside as we previously mentioned but we are sure that NetEnt will remedy this in time. We cannot wait to see some of the games that they must have up their sleeve.

We do hope that you have enjoyed reading this extensive review of the NetEnt LIVE dealer suite and hope that you have learned plenty about why it is worth a look. Take our word for it when we say that the experience you have will be an enjoyable one that you will not forget in a hurry. Go and check it out at one of the online casinos that use the NetEnt LIVE dealer suite and you will have a great time.


  • HD video streaming
  • Cutting-edge software and technology
  • Support is available in 25 different languages
  • 25 currencies have been seen to be used on NetEnt live games
  • Low latency
  • Highly trained dealers
  • Stocks Traded on the NASDAQ Stockholm


  • Could do with more variations of their games
  • Games are slower compared to RNG-based equivalent games (to be expected)

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