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Recently updated on March 31st, 2022 at 08:47 pm

Here you can see a list of all Microgamings online casino games payout Percent.
You can sort the RTP casino games by game type example slots, and that way, you can get a list with all the Microgaming slots and thair RTP.

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See the Top Online Casinos That Have all These Games Below :

Game NameGame TypeRTP %Game Provider
Mega Money MultiplierSlots95.33MGS
1000 IslandsSlots95.58MGS
108 HeroesVideo Slots96.56MGS
108 Heroes Multiplier FortunesVideo Slots96.15MGS
3 Card PokerTable96.63MGS
3 Card Poker GoldTable98.34MGS
3 Card Poker Multi-HandTable98.34MGS
3 Card Poker Multi-Hand GoldTable98.34MGS
5 Reel DriveVideo Slots96.95MGS
9 Masks Of FireVideo Slots96.24MGS
A Dark MatterVideo Slots96.18MGS
Abra-Kebab-RaAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Aces & Eights Video PokerVideo Poker99.09MGS
Aces and FacesVideo Poker99.26MGS
Aces and Faces 10 PlayVideo Poker99.26MGS
Aces and Faces 100 PlayVideo Poker99.26MGS
Aces And Faces 50 PlayVideo Poker99.26MGS
Aces and Faces Level-UpVideo Poker98.99MGS
ActionOps Snow and SableVideo Slots96.03MGS
Adventure PalaceVideo Slots96.1MGS
African QuestVideo Slots96.52MGS
Age of DiscoveryVideo Slots96.62MGS
Agent Jane BlondeVideo Slots96.1MGS
Agent Jane Blonde ReturnsVideo Slots96.45MGS
Alaskan FishingVideo Slots96.63MGS
Alaxe in ZombielandVideo Slots96.55MGS
All Aces 10 Play Power PokerVideo Poker99.92MGS
All Aces 50 Play Power PokerVideo Poker99.92MGS
All Aces Video PokerVideo Poker99.92MGS
All American Video PokerVideo Poker99.37MGS
Alley CatsVideo Slots95.02MGS
Amazing AztecsVideo Slots96.03MGS
American RouletteTable94.74MGS
Ancient Fortunes: ZeusVideo Slots96.02MGS
Apocalypse CowAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Arctic FortuneVideo Slots96.58MGS
Arctic MagicVideo Slots96.1MGS
Arctic ValorVideo Slots96.7MGS
Argyle OpenSlots96.42MGS
ArianaVideo Slots95.48MGS
Asian BeautyVideo Slots96.4MGS
Astro Legends: Lyra and ErionVideo Slots96.63MGS
Atlantic City BlackjackTable99.65MGS
Atlantic City Blackjack GoldTable99.65MGS
Atlantic City Blackjack Gold 6 DecksTable99.67MGS
Atlantic City Multi-Hand BlackjackTable99.65MGS
Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack GoldTable99.65MGS
Atomic 8sVideo Slots96.54MGS
Aurora WildsVideo Slots96.2MGS
AvalonVideo Slots96.01MGS
Avalon IIVideo Slots95.92MGS
Baccarat - Live DealerTable97.15MGS
Baccarat Dragon Bonus - Live DealerTable97.35MGS
Baccarat Gold 6 DecksTable98.94MGS
Baccarat Lucky Pair - Live DealerTable89.64MGS
Baccarat Zero Comm - Live DealerTable98.76MGS
Ballistic BingoParlour94.72MGS
Banana OdysseyVideo Slots96.31MGS
Bank Buster RouletteTable97.3MGS
Bar Bar Black Sheep 5ReelVideo Slots95.32MGS
Bar Bar BlackSheepSlots95.03MGS
Bars & StripesVideo Slots96.1MGS
Basketball StarVideo Slots96.45MGS
Battlestar GalacticaVideo Slots96.6MGS
Beach BabesVideo Slots93.97MGS
Bearly FishingVideo Slots95.32MGS
Beautiful BonesVideo Slots96.55MGS
Beer FestParlour95.2MGS
Big 5Slots92.26MGS
Big 5 Blackjack GoldTable99.55MGS
Big 5 Blackjack GOLD - High LimitTable99.55MGS
Big 5 Blackjack Multi Hand GoldTable99.55MGS
Big BreakVideo Slots95.29MGS
Big ChefVideo Slots96.51MGS
Big KahunaVideo Slots96.16MGS
Big Kahuna – Snakes and LaddersVideo Slots95.53MGS
Big TopVideo Slots96.94MGS
Bikini PartyVideo Slots97.49MGS
Bill and Ted`s EXCELLENT AdventureAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Billion Dollar GranAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Bingo BonanzaParlour95MGS
Blackjack - MultihandTable99.43MGS
Blackjack BonanzaSlots94.5MGS
Bob’s Bowling BonanzaVideo Slots95.13MGS
Bomber GirlsVideo Slots95.04MGS
Bonus BlackjackTable99.62MGS
Bonus Blackjack GoldTable99.62MGS
Bonus Blackjack Multi Hand GoldTable99.62MGS
Bonus Deuces Wild Bonus 10 PlayVideo Poker99.15MGS
Bonus Deuces Wild Bonus Video PokerVideo Poker99.15MGS
Bonus Pai GowTable97.14MGS
Bonus PokerVideo Poker99.16MGS
Bonus Poker 10 PlayVideo Poker99.17MGS
Bonus Poker 100 PlayVideo Poker99.17MGS
Bonus Poker 50 PlayVideo Poker99.17MGS
Bonus Poker DeluxeVideo Poker98.49MGS
Boogie MonstersVideo Slots95.7MGS
Book of AtemVideo Slots96.45MGS
Book of OzVideo Slots96.31MGS
Book of Oz Lock 'N SpinVideo Slots96.35MGS
Bookie of OddsVideo Slots96.5MGS
Boom PiratesVideo Slots96.27MGS
Booty TimeVideo Slots96.48MGS
Bowled OverParlour95.02MGS
Break AwayVideo Slots96.42MGS
Break Away - High LimitVideo Slots96.42MGS
Break Away DeluxeVideo Slots96.88MGS
Break Away Lucky WildsVideo Slots96.89MGS
Break da BankSlots95.75MGS
Break da Bank AgainVideo Slots95.43MGS
Break da Bank Again - MegaspinVideo Slots95.43MGS
Break da Bank Again RespinVideo Slots96.58MGS
BridesmaidsVideo Slots96.71MGS
BridezillaVideo Slots95.98MGS
Bubble BonanzaParlour96.87MGS
Buffet BonanzaVideo Slots96.48MGS
Bulls EyeSlots96.04MGS
Bullseye GameshowVideo Slots96.63MGS
Bundle in the JungleAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Bunny BoilerVideo Slots96.38MGS
Bunny Boiler GoldParlour96.38MGS
Burning DesireVideo Slots96.19MGS
Bush TelegraphVideo Slots96.56MGS
Bust The BankVideo Slots96.75MGS
Cabin FeverVideo Slots96.15MGS
Cabin Fever HDVideo Slots96.15MGS
Candy DreamsVideo Slots96.82MGS
Captain CashSlots93.23MGS
Card ClimberParlour94.81MGS
Caribbean draw pokerTable99.33MGS
CarnavalVideo Slots96.94MGS
Cash ClamsSlots94.99MGS
Cash CrazySlots95.58MGS
Cash n CurryAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Cash of KingdomsVideo Slots96.28MGS
Cash Splash ProgressiveProgressive91.51MGS
Cash Splash Progressive - 5 ReelProgressive91.62MGS
CashanovaVideo Slots96.41MGS
CashapillarVideo Slots95.13MGS
CashOccinoVideo Slots96.06MGS
CashVilleVideo Slots95.99MGS
Casino WarTable97.67MGS
Castle BuilderVideo Slots96.47MGS
Castle Builder IIVideo Slots96.89MGS
Celtic CrownVideo Slots95.25MGS
Centre CourtVideo Slots95.51MGS
Chain MailVideo Slots95.09MGS
Chain Mail NewVideo Slots96.44MGS
Cherry RedSlots95.58MGS
Chiefs FortuneSlots94.35MGS
Chiefs MagicSlots95.33MGS
Chinese ZodiacParlour95MGS
Chocolate FactoryVideo Slots96.16MGS
City of GoldSlots95.58MGS
Classic 243Video Slots95.31MGS
Classic Blackjack GoldTable99.9MGS
Cool BuckSlots94.95MGS
Cool Buck 5 ReelVideo Slots95.35MGS
Cool WolfVideo Slots96.47MGS
Cosmic CatSlots96.52MGS
Couch PotatoSlots97.43MGS
Cracker JackSlots94.99MGS
Crazy 80sVideo Slots96.94MGS
Crazy 80s HDVideo Slots96.94MGS
Crazy ChameleonsVideo Slots96.07MGS
Crazy CrocodilesSlots94.5MGS
Cricket StarVideo Slots96.42MGS
Cricket Star ScratchSlots95.04MGS
CrocodopolisVideo Slots95.36MGS
Crypt CrusadeParlour95.27MGS
Crypt Crusade GoldParlour96.66MGS
Crystal RiftVideo Slots58.56MGS
Curry In A HurryVideo Slots95.3MGS
Cutesy PieSlots95.93MGS
Cyber StudTable97.32MGS
Cyberstud ProgressiveTable97.32MGS
Dance of the MasaiVideo Slots96.36MGS
Dawn of the BreadParlour95.04MGS
Days of the TsarVideo Slots95.24MGS
Deck the HallsVideo Slots95.38MGS
Deco DiamondsVideo Slots96.03MGS
Deuces & Joker 10 PlayVideo Poker99.07MGS
Deuces and JokerVideo Poker99.07MGS
Deuces and Joker 100 PlayVideo Poker99.07MGS
Deuces and Joker 50 PlayVideo Poker99.07MGS
Deuces WildVideo Poker96.76MGS
Deuces Wild 10 PlayVideo Poker99.37MGS
Deuces Wild 100 PlayVideo Poker99.37MGS
Deuces Wild 50 PlayVideo Poker99.37MGS
Deuces Wild Bonus Video PokerVideo Poker99.14MGS
Deuces Wild Level-UpVideo Poker98.99MGS
Diamond DealSlots96.12MGS
Diamond EmpireVideo Slots96.04MGS
Diamond SevensSlots95.93MGS
Dino MightVideo Slots96.42MGS
Doctor LoveVideo Slots95.04MGS
Dog FatherVideo Slots95.52MGS
Dolphin CoastVideo Slots96.45MGS
Dolphin QuestVideo Slots96.12MGS
Dolphin TaleVideo Slots95.84MGS
Don DealSlots95.58MGS
Double Bonus PokerVideo Poker99.11MGS
Double DoseSlots95.58MGS
Double Double Bonus 10 Play PokerVideo Poker98.98MGS
Double Double Bonus 100 Play PokerVideo Poker98.98MGS
Double Double Bonus 50 Play PokerVideo Poker98.98MGS
Double Double Bonus Multi Hand PokerVideo Poker98.98MGS
Double Double Bonus PokerVideo Poker98.98MGS
Double Exposure BlackJackTable99.3MGS
Double Exposure BlackJack GoldTable99.3MGS
Double Exposure Multi Hand BlackjackTable99.3MGS
Double Exposure Multi Hand Blackjack GoldTable99.3MGS
Double JokerVideo Poker98.1MGS
Double Joker 10 PlayVideo Poker98.1MGS
Double Joker 100 PlayVideo Poker98.1MGS
Double Joker 50 PlayVideo Poker98.1MGS
Double Joker Level-UpVideo Poker98.97MGS
Double Lucky LineVideo Slots96.02MGS
Double MagicSlots95.58MGS
Double Magic MegaspinSlots95.58MGS
Double O’ CashVideo Slots95.37MGS
Double WammySlots96.23MGS
Dr Watts UpVideo Slots96.45MGS
Dragon DanceVideo Slots97.49MGS
Dragon LadySlots96.31MGS
Dragon ShardVideo Slots96.77MGS
Dragon`s FortuneParlour95MGS
Dragon’s MythVideo Slots96.4MGS
Dragons LootVideo Slots95.11MGS
DragonzVideo Slots96.46MGS
Dream DateVideo Slots96.45MGS
Drone WarsVideo Slots95.99MGS
Eagles WingsVideo Slots96.47MGS
Electric DivaVideo Slots95.99MGS
ElementalsVideo Slots96.15MGS
Elementals HDVideo Slots96.15MGS
EmotiCoinsVideo Slots96.01MGS
Emperor Of The SeaVideo Slots96.02MGS
European BlackJackTable99.9MGS
European Blackjack GoldTable99.6MGS
European Blackjack Redeal GoldTable99.6MGS
European RouletteTable97.3MGS
European Roulette GoldTable97.3MGS
European Roulette Gold High LimitTable97.3MGS
European Roulette Gold VIPTable97.3MGS
European Roulette Live DealerTable97.3MGS
Exotic CatsVideo Slots96.33MGS
Extreme HeatVideo Slots97.5MGS
Fairy RingSlots95.03MGS
Fantastic SevensSlots95.93MGS
Fantastic Sevens MegaspinSlots95.93MGS
Fat Lady SingsVideo Slots96.53MGS
Fearless FrederickVideo Slots95.37MGS
Festive IndulgenceVideo Slots96.1MGS
Fighting FishVideo Slots95.09MGS
Finer Reels of LifeVideo Slots96.47MGS
First Past the PostVideo Slots95.01MGS
Fish PartyVideo Slots96.5MGS
Flight ZoneVideo Slots96.51MGS
Flip CardParlour95MGS
Flo s DinerSlots92.26MGS
Floridita FandangoSlots95.93MGS
Flower PowerSlots95.03MGS
Flying AceSlots94.95MGS
Flying CircusVideo Slots95.19MGS
Foamy FortunesParlour95.03MGS
Foamy Fortunes - Scratch CardParlour95.03MGS
Football StarVideo Slots96.42MGS
Forbidden ThroneVideo Slots96.01MGS
Forgotten Land of LemuriaVideo Slots95.26MGS
Forsaken KingdomVideo Slots96.35MGS
Fortune CookieSlots95.58MGS
Fortune FinderVideo Slots96.48MGS
Fortune GirlVideo Slots95.86MGS
FortuniumVideo Slots96.47MGS
Four By FourParlour96.87MGS
Franken CashVideo Slots95.72MGS
Free SpiritSlots96.32MGS
Freezing FuzzballsParlour95MGS
French RouletteTable97.3MGS
French Roulette GoldTable97.3MGS
French Roulette Gold VIPTable98.65MGS
Froot LootSlots97.17MGS
Frost BiteSlots95.54MGS
Frozen DiamondsVideo Slots95.31MGS
Fruit BingoAmuzement With Prizes96.69MGS
Fruit Fiesta - 5 ReelProgressive90.09MGS
Fruit Fiesta ProgressiveProgressive90.09MGS
Fruit SaladSlots95.03MGS
Fruit SlotsSlots92.87MGS
Fruit vs CandyVideo Slots95.77MGS
Fun HouseSlots93.23MGS
GalacticonsVideo Slots96.14MGS
Game Of Thrones - LinesVideo Slots95.01MGS
Game Of Thrones - WaysVideo Slots95MGS
Game, Set and ScratchParlour95.02MGS
Gee Gees and T3 Spark IIAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Genies GemsVideo Slots95.46MGS
Get Rocked!Video Slots96.66MGS
Gift RapVideo Slots96.62MGS
Girls with GunsVideo Slots96.55MGS
Girls with Guns II - Frozen DawnVideo Slots96.26MGS
GladiatorVideo Slots95.01MGS
Gladiators GoldSlots95.89MGS
Glory of RomeVideo Slots95.36MGS
Gnome WoodVideo Slots96.08MGS
Goblins GoldSlots95.24MGS
Gold CoastSlots94.95MGS
Gold FactoryVideo Slots96.54MGS
Gold Factory - High LimitVideo Slots96.54MGS
Golden DragonSlots93.23MGS
Golden EraVideo Slots96.56MGS
Golden GhoulsParlour95.04MGS
Golden Goose Crazy ChameleonsVideo Slots94.96MGS
Golden Goose Genies GemsVideo Slots95.1MGS
Golden Goose Totem TreasureVideo Slots95MGS
Golden Goose Winning WizrdsVideo Slots95.01MGS
Golden PrincessVideo Slots95.97MGS
Goldwyns FairiesVideo Slots96.28MGS
Good to GoVideo Slots96.08MGS
Gopher GoldVideo Slots96.28MGS
Grand SevensSlots95.93MGS
Granny PrixParlour95MGS
Great GriffinVideo Slots96.79MGS
Gung PowVideo Slots96.19MGS
Gypsy QueenVideo Slots95.08MGS
Hairy FairiesParlour95MGS
Hairy Fairies - Scratch CardParlour95MGS
HalloweenVideo Slots96.01MGS
HalloweeniesVideo Slots95.52MGS
Hand to Hand CombatParlour97.75MGS
Happy HolidaysVideo Slots96.62MGS
Happy Holidays ScratchSlots95MGS
Happy New YearSlots95.75MGS
HarveysVideo Slots95.97MGS
Heavy MetalSlots95.89MGS
Hells Grannies: Knit HappensVideo Slots95.14MGS
Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack GoldTable99.6MGS
High FiveSlots97.43MGS
High Five MegaspinSlots97.43MGS
High Limit BaccaratTable98.85MGS
High SocietyVideo Slots96.8MGS
High Speed PokerTable98.6MGS
High Stakes BlackJackTable99.9MGS
High Streak Blackjack GoldTable99.6MGS
HighlanderVideo Slots96.23MGS
HitmanVideo Slots95.84MGS
Ho Ho HoVideo Slots95.88MGS
Hold’Em High GoldTable98.8MGS
Holly Jolly PenguinsVideo Slots96.01MGS
Hot AirVideo Slots96.28MGS
Hot As HadesVideo Slots96.75MGS
Hot InkVideo Slots97.5MGS
Hot Shot HDVideo Slots95.56MGS
Hound HotelVideo Slots96.25MGS
House of DragonsVideo Slots94.84MGS
Huangdi - The Yellow EmperorVideo Slots95.48MGS
Icy GemsVideo Slots96.03MGS
Im a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!Video Slots96.49MGS
Immortal RomanceVideo Slots96.86MGS
Immortal Romance ScratchSlots96.01MGS
Inca GoldVideo Slots95.22MGS
Irish EyesVideo Slots95.13MGS
IsisVideo Slots95.15MGS
Island StyleSlots92.26MGS
Ivory CitadelVideo Slots96.03MGS
Jack in the BoxSlots94.99MGS
Jack or Better 10 PlayVideo Poker99.54MGS
Jackpot Deuces ProgressiveVideo Poker93.89MGS
Jackpot ExpressSlots93.23MGS
Jacks or BetterVideo Poker99.54MGS
Jacks or Better 100 PlayVideo Poker99.54MGS
Jacks or Better 50 PlayVideo Poker99.54MGS
Jacks or Better Level-UpVideo Poker98.98MGS
Jason and the Golden FleeceVideo Slots96.53MGS
Jekyll and HydeVideo Slots95.36MGS
Jellyfish JauntVideo Slots95.38MGS
Jesters JackpotSlots92.26MGS
Jet SetSlots84.48MGS
Jewel ThiefSlots95.24MGS
Jewels of the OrientVideo Slots96.5MGS
Jingle BellsVideo Slots94.95MGS
Joker 8000Amuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Joker PokerVideo Poker98.6MGS
Joker Poker 10 PlayVideo Poker98.6MGS
Joker Poker 100 PlayVideo Poker98.6MGS
Joker Poker 50 PlayVideo Poker98.6MGS
Jolly JesterVideo Slots95.5MGS
Jonny SpecterVideo Slots95.48MGS
Jungle 7sVideo Slots97.43MGS
Jungle JimVideo Slots95.98MGS
Jungle Jim and the Lost SphinxVideo Slots96.3MGS
Jungle Jim El DoradoVideo Slots96.31MGS
Jurassic Big ReelsSlots95.54MGS
Jurassic JackpotSlots95.54MGS
Jurassic ParkVideo Slots96.67MGS
Jurassic WorldVideo Slots95.45MGS
K9 CapersVideo Slots95.48MGS
Karaoke PartyVideo Slots96.1MGS
Karate PigVideo Slots96.52MGS
KathmanduVideo Slots96.29MGS
Killer ClubsParlour95.22MGS
King and QueensVideo Slots96.21MGS
King ArthurVideo Slots95.07MGS
King CashalotProgressive90.34MGS
King TuskVideo Slots96.43MGS
Kings of CashVideo Slots96.68MGS
Kitty CabanaVideo Slots96.5MGS
Kung Fu MonkeyVideo Slots96.61MGS
Ladies NiteVideo Slots96.1MGS
Lady in RedVideo Slots96.25MGS
Lady of the OrientVideo Slots95.19MGS
Lara Croft: Temples and TombsVideo Slots96.05MGS
Le Kaffee BarVideo Slots96.51MGS
Leagues of FortuneVideo Slots96.49MGS
Life of RichesVideo Slots96.1MGS
Life`s a BeachVideo Slots95.44MGS
Lions PrideSlots95.9MGS
Lions ShareSlots95.05MGS
Liquid GoldVideo Slots95.37MGS
Little Chief Big CashVideo Slots95.07MGS
Living in LuxurySlots95.58MGS
LoadedVideo Slots96.29MGS
Lock-a-LuckVideo Slots96.37MGS
Long Mu FortunesVideo Slots96.44MGS
Loony Space KenoParlour94.9MGS
Loose CannonVideo Slots96.13MGS
Lost Princess AnastasiaVideo Slots95.18MGS
Lost VegasVideo Slots95.77MGS
Lost Vegas Survivors ScratchSlots96MGS
Lost Vegas Zombies ScratchSlots96MGS
Lots of Loot ProgressiveProgressive90.07MGS
Lotsaloot - 5 ReelProgressive90.09MGS
LouisianaVideo Poker93.45MGS
Love IslandVideo Slots96.39MGS
Love PotionVideo Slots96.13MGS
Lucha LegendsVideo Slots96.38MGS
Lucky CharmerSlots95.53MGS
Lucky EggsplorerVideo Slots96.42MGS
Lucky FirecrackerVideo Slots96.19MGS
Lucky KoiVideo Slots96.47MGS
Lucky LeprechaunVideo Slots96.33MGS
Lucky Leprechaun ScratchSlots96.05MGS
Lucky Leprechauns LootVideo Slots96.17MGS
Lucky LinksVideo Slots96.26MGS
Lucky Little GodsVideo Slots96.75MGS
Lucky News NetworkVideo Slots95.77MGS
Lucky NumbersParlour95.06MGS
Lucky Rabbit LootVideo Slots95.21MGS
Lucky ShotVideo Slots95.8MGS
Lucky StarsVideo Slots95.25MGS
Lucky TwinsVideo Slots96.94MGS
Lucky Twins JackpotVideo Slots94.2MGS
Lucky WitchVideo Slots96.4MGS
Lucky ZodiacVideo Slots96.01MGS
Lumber CatsVideo Slots96.41MGS
Mad dashVideo Slots97.1MGS
Mad HattersVideo Slots96.08MGS
Magic MultiplierVideo Slots96.51MGS
Magic of SaharaVideo Slots95.29MGS
Magic SpellVideo Slots96.22MGS
Major Millions MegaSpinProgressive89.37MGS
Major Millions ProgressiveProgressive89.37MGS
Major Millions Progressive - 5 ReelProgressive89.42MGS
Mardi GrasSlots97MGS
Mardi Gras FeverVideo Slots95.3MGS
Mark of MedusaVideo Slots95.19MGS
Martian MoneySlots93.23MGS
Max DamageVideo Slots95.98MGS
Max Damage and Alien AttackParlour96.71MGS
Mayan PrincessVideo Slots96.44MGS
Mega Moolah - IsisProgressive88MGS
Mega Moolah - Summertime ProgressiveProgressive88.13MGS
Mega Moolah ProgressiveProgressive88.12MGS
Mermaids MillionsVideo Slots96.56MGS
Mermaids MillionsVideo Slots96.56MGS
MM 5 Reel DriveProgressive88.02MGS
Moby DickVideo Slots96MGS
Mocha OrangeSlots95.58MGS
Money Mad MonkeyVideo Slots96.53MGS
Money StarAmuzement With Prizes96.52MGS
Monkey KingVideo Slots96.48MGS
Monkeys MoneySlots95.05MGS
Monster Mania HDVideo Slots95.56MGS
Monster MeteorsVideo Slots96.23MGS
Monster WheelsVideo Slots96.04MGS
Monsters in the ClosetVideo Slots96.47MGS
MoonshineVideo Slots95.96MGS
Mount OlympusVideo Slots96.01MGS
Muchos GrandeVideo Slots95.31MGS
Mugshot MadnessVideo Slots96.02MGS
Mule BrittaniaAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Multi Hand - Atlantic City Blackjack GoldTable99.65MGS
Multi Hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack GoldTable99.6MGS
Multi Hand Pontoon GoldTable99.47MGS
Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Gold 6 DecksTable99.67MGS
Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Gold 6 Decks High LimitTable99.67MGS
Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Gold VIPTable99.65MGS
Multi-hand Black Jack Gold SeriesTable99.42MGS
Multi-Hand Bonus BlackjackTable99.62MGS
Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold 6 DecksTable99.4MGS
Multi-hand European Black Jack Gold SeriesTable99.6MGS
Multi-Hand European Blackjack Gold VIPTable99.6MGS
Multi-Hand Spanish 21 BlackjackTable99.51MGS
Multi-Hand Spanish 21 BlackjackTable99.51MGS
Multi-hand Vegas Downtown Black Jack Gold SeriesTable99.62MGS
Multi-hand Vegas Strip Black Jack Gold SeriesTable99.65MGS
Multi-Player No WorriesVideo Slots96.5MGS
Mumbai MagicParlour95MGS
MunchkinsVideo Slots95.88MGS
Munchkins HDVideo Slots95.9MGS
My SlotVideo Slots96.1MGS
Mystic Dreams 96Video Slots96.06MGS
Mystique GroveVideo Slots95.33MGS
Nashville SevensSlots95.93MGS
Ninja MagicVideo Slots95.99MGS
No WorriesVideo Slots95.78MGS
North StormVideo Slots96.13MGS
Nuclear 9sVideo Slots96.52MGS
Nutty SquirrelVideo Slots95.17MGS
OctopaysVideo Slots96.23MGS
Off The HookSlots95.05MGS
Offside And SeekParlour95.02MGS
Oink Country LoveVideo Slots96.01MGS
One Armed BanditSlots95.89MGS
Oranges & LemonsSlots94.99MGS
Oriental FortuneVideo Slots96.07MGS
Pai GowTable97.15MGS
PandamoniumAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Paradise FoundVideo Slots95.7MGS
Party IslandVideo Slots96.12MGS
Party TimeSlots95.34MGS
Path of the PenguinVideo Slots95.37MGS
Pedal PowerVideo Slots95.14MGS
Peek A BooSlots94.96MGS
Peek-a-Boo - 5 ReelVideo Slots96.59MGS
Penguin SplashVideo Slots95.95MGS
Phantom CashVideo Slots96.41MGS
Pharaoh’s TombVideo Slots95.2MGS
Pharaohs FortuneSlots95.93MGS
Piggy FortunesVideo Slots95.93MGS
Pirates ParadiseSlots95.93MGS
PistolerasVideo Slots95.6MGS
PlayboyVideo Slots96.57MGS
Playboy GoldVideo Slots96.01MGS
Playboy Gold JackpotsVideo Slots96.08MGS
Plunder The SeaParlour95.02MGS
Poke The GuySlots94.89MGS
Poker ChallenageTable97.32MGS
Poker PursuitTable97.09MGS
Poker RideTable97.15MGS
Polar BashVideo Slots95.75MGS
Polar Pioneers Video SlotVideo Slots95.34MGS
Pollen NationVideo Slots96.62MGS
Pollen PartyVideo Slots96.82MGS
Pontoon GoldTable99.47MGS
Porky PayoutVideo Slots95.13MGS
Power Spins - Sonic 7sVideo Slots96.39MGS
PowerPoker - Aces and FacesVideo Poker99.26MGS
PowerPoker - Deuces and JokerVideo Poker99.07MGS
PowerPoker - Deuces WildVideo Poker99.37MGS
PowerPoker - Double JokerVideo Poker98.1MGS
PowerPoker - Jacks or BetterTable99.54MGS
PowerPoker - Joker PokerVideo Poker98.6MGS
PowerPoker - Tens Or BetterVideo Poker99.14MGS
Premier Hi Lo 13 Euro Blackjack GoldTable99.6MGS
Premier High Streak Euro Blackjack GoldTable99.59MGS
Premier Multi Hand European Blackjack GoldTable99.6MGS
Premier RacingParlour90.65MGS
Premier RouletteTable97.3MGS
Premier Roulette Diamond EditionTable97.3MGS
Pretty KittyVideo Slots96.17MGS
Prime PropertyVideo Slots95.99MGS
Private EyeVideo Slots96.5MGS
Pub FruityAmuzement With Prizes95.36MGS
Pure PlatinumVideo Slots96.49MGS
Queen of the Crystal RaysVideo Slots96.65MGS
Queen of the JungleVideo Slots96.38MGS
Quest for BeerVideo Slots95.12MGS
Rabbit In The HatVideo Slots96.61MGS
Racing for PinksVideo Slots96.42MGS
Rainbows EndVideo Slots95.16MGS
RainbrewVideo Slots96.02MGS
Ramesses RichesVideo Slots95.43MGS
Rapid ReelsSlots94.95MGS
Red DogTable96.85MGS
Red Green BlueParlour95.94MGS
Red Hot DevilVideo Slots95.65MGS
Reel BaronVideo Slots95.81MGS
Reel GemsVideo Slots96.52MGS
Reel Play Poker - Jacks or BetterVideo Poker99.54MGS
Reel SpinnerVideo Slots96.38MGS
Reel SplitterVideo Slots96MGS
Reel StrikeVideo Slots94.96MGS
Reel TalentVideo Slots96.03MGS
Reel ThunderVideo Slots96.95MGS
Reels RoyceSlots95.89MGS
Relic SeekersVideo Slots96.03MGS
Retro ReelsVideo Slots96.02MGS
Retro Reels - Diamond GlitzVideo Slots97.5MGS
Retro VegasVideo Slots96.1MGS
Rhyming Reels - Jack and JillVideo Slots96.43MGS
Rhyming Reels - Old King ColeVideo Slots96.15MGS
Rhyming Reels Georgie PorgieVideo Slots95.97MGS
Rhyming Reels Hearts and TartsVideo Slots96.1MGS
Rings and RosesSlots94.96MGS
Rising RoyalsUnknown96MGS
River of RichesVideo Slots96.2MGS
Riviera RichesVideo Slots96.51MGS
Robin HoodVideo Slots96.63MGS
Robin of Sherwood Online SlotVideo Slots95.86MGS
RobojackVideo Slots95.77MGS
Robot ButlerVideo Slots96.41MGS
RobynVideo Slots95.04MGS
Rock the BoatSlots95.58MGS
Rockabilly WolvesVideo Slots96.03MGS
Roller DerbyVideo Slots95.24MGS
Roman RichesSlots93.23MGS
Romanov RichesVideo Slots96.08MGS
Roulette Royale ProgressiveTable97.3MGS
Royal DerbyParlour90.6MGS
Royal FeastVideo Slots96.56MGS
Royal SevensSlots95.93MGS
Ruby - Casino QueenVideo Slots96.03MGS
Ruby of the NileVideo Slots96.49MGS
Ruby ReelsSlots93.23MGS
Rugby StarVideo Slots96.45MGS
Saharas SecretSlots95.05MGS
Samurai 7sSlots95.24MGS
Santa PawsVideo Slots96.16MGS
Santas Wild RideVideo Slots96.47MGS
Scary FriendsVideo Slots95.47MGS
Scoop The CashVideo Slots95.86MGS
Scratch CardParlour95MGS
Scratch N SpinAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
ScroogeVideo Slots96.74MGS
Secret AdmirerVideo Slots96.08MGS
Secret RomanceVideo Slots95.86MGS
Secret SantaVideo Slots96.32MGS
SerenityVideo Slots96.56MGS
Seven OceansSlots97MGS
Shanghai BeautyVideo Slots96.1MGS
Sherlock of LondonVideo Slots96.03MGS
Shiver me FeathersVideo Slots95.61MGS
Shogun of TimeVideo Slots96MGS
ShootVideo Slots96.54MGS
Showdown SaloonVideo Slots23.22MGS
SidewinderVideo Slots96.02MGS
Silver FangVideo Slots96.3MGS
Silver ScarabSlots94.5MGS
Sir WinsalotVideo Slots95.68MGS
Six acrobatsVideo Slots95.43MGS
Six BombAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Six-Shooter LooterParlour95.27MGS
Six-Shooter Looter GoldParlour96.66MGS
Sizzling ScorpionsSlots96.24MGS
Ski BunnyAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Skull DuggeryVideo Slots95.8MGS
Slam FunkParlour95.04MGS
Sneak A Peak - Doctor DoctorVideo Slots95.95MGS
Sneak A Peak - Hunky HeroesVideo Slots95.95MGS
Sneak a Peek Planet ExoticaVideo Slots96.6MGS
Snow HoneysVideo Slots95.85MGS
So Many MonstersVideo Slots96.01MGS
So Much CandyVideo Slots96.01MGS
So Much SushiVideo Slots96.01MGS
Soccer SafariVideo Slots96.54MGS
Sonic BoomSlots95.94MGS
Space EvaderParlour95.27MGS
Space Evader GoldParlour95.27MGS
Spanish 21 BlackJack GoldTable99.51MGS
Spanish 21 Multi Hand BlackJack GoldTable99.51MGS
Spanish BlackJackTable99.51MGS
Spectacular Wheel Of WealthSlots96.32MGS
Spike’s Nite OutVideo Slots95.83MGS
Spin Crazy!Amuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Spring BreakVideo Slots96.1MGS
Star AppealVideo Slots95.01MGS
StarDustVideo Slots96.59MGS
Starlight KissVideo Slots96.52MGS
StarscapeVideo Slots95.85MGS
Stash of the TitansVideo Slots95.07MGS
Steam Punk HeroesVideo Slots95.88MGS
SteinfestVideo Slots96.69MGS
Sterling SilverVideo Slots96.47MGS
Sterling Silver 3DVideo Slots96.3MGS
Stumpy McDoodlesVideo Slots96.26MGS
Stunt PilotVideo Slots95.29MGS
Sugar MamaVideo Slots96.51MGS
Sugar ParadeVideo Slots96.56MGS
Summer HolidayVideo Slots97.11MGS
SummertimeVideo Slots96.1MGS
Sun QuestVideo Slots96.95MGS
Sunset ShowdownVideo Slots95.22MGS
SunTideVideo Slots96.28MGS
Supe it upVideo Slots95.15MGS
Super Bonus BingoParlour96.2MGS
Super Fun 21Table99.1MGS
Super Fun 21 GoldTable99.1MGS
Super Jax ProgressiveVideo Poker91.41MGS
Super ZeroesParlour95.04MGS
Sure WinVideo Slots96.29MGS
Surf SafariVideo Slots95.88MGS
Swat TeamSlots95.54MGS
Sweet HarvestVideo Slots96.29MGS
Tally HoVideo Slots95.87MGS
TarzanVideo Slots96.48MGS
Temple of TutVideo Slots96.01MGS
Tens Or BetterVideo Poker99.14MGS
Terminator IIVideo Slots96.62MGS
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker GoldTable99.47MGS
The Adventures of Galactic GopherVideo Slots95.32MGS
The Bees KneesAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
The Gee GeesAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
The Grand CircusVideo Slots95.36MGS
The Grand JourneyVideo Slots96.35MGS
The Great AlbiniVideo Slots96.66MGS
The Great Galaxy GrabVideo Slots95.97MGS
The Heat Is OnVideo Slots95.34MGS
The High LifeVideo Slots95.06MGS
The Incredible Balloon MachineVideo Slots96.7MGS
The Legend of OlympusVideo Slots95.47MGS
The Phantom of the OperaVideo Slots96.4MGS
The Rat PackVideo Slots96.14MGS
The Umpire Strikes BackAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Thor Blimey!Amuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Three WheelerTable97.22MGS
Throne of EgyptVideo Slots96.41MGS
ThunderstruckVideo Slots96.1MGS
Thunderstruck IIVideo Slots96.65MGS
Thunderstruck II - High LimitVideo Slots96.65MGS
Thunderstruck II ScratchSlots96MGS
Tiger vs BearVideo Slots95.61MGS
Tigers EyeVideo Slots96.26MGS
Tiki ManiaVideo Slots96.26MGS
Tiki VikingsUnknown96MGS
Titans of the Sun - HyperionVideo Slots96.71MGS
Titans of the Sun - TheiaVideo Slots96.67MGS
Tomb RaiderVideo Slots96.56MGS
Tomb Raider – Secret of the SwordVideo Slots95.22MGS
Totem TreasureVideo Slots96.28MGS
Track and FieldMouseAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Treasure IrelandAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Treasure IslandAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Treasure Nile ProgressiveProgressive92.11MGS
Treasure PalaceVideo Slots96.95MGS
Treasures of Lion CityVideo Slots94.2MGS
Tribal TreasureVideo Slots96.4MGS
Trick or TreatSlots95.89MGS
Triple Action Hold’em Bonus Poker GoldTable98.18MGS
Triple DiceTable97.22MGS
Triple MagicSlots95.45MGS
Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker GoldTable97.74MGS
Triple ReelTable97.22MGS
Triple Sevens BJ ProgressiveTable99.62MGS
Truck Stop HDVideo Slots95.56MGS
Turtley AwesomeParlour95MGS
Turtley Awesome - Scratch CardParlour95MGS
TweetheartsVideo Slots96.02MGS
Twin SamuraiVideo Slots95.14MGS
Twisted CircusVideo Slots96.36MGS
Twister HDVideo Slots95.9MGS
Untamed - Bengal TigerVideo Slots96.2MGS
Untamed - Crowned EagleVideo Slots96.32MGS
Untamed - Giant PandaVideo Slots96.4MGS
Vegas 3 Card Rummy GoldTable98.07MGS
Vegas CrapsTable99.67MGS
Vegas Downtown BlackjackTable99.62MGS
Vegas Downtown Multi-Hand BlackjackTable99.62MGS
Vegas FlushVideo Slots96.1MGS
Vegas FortuneSlots93.23MGS
Vegas Single Deck BlackjackTable99.69MGS
Vegas Single Deck Blackjack GoldTable99.69MGS
Vegas Strip BlackJackTable99.65MGS
Vegas Strip Blackjack GoldTable99.65MGS
Vegas Strip Multi-hand BlackjackTable99.65MGS
Victorian VillainVideo Slots95.72MGS
Village People Macho MovesVideo Slots96.09MGS
Vinyl CountdownVideo Slots95.56MGS
Vinyl Countdown HDVideo Slots95.56MGS
VoilaVideo Slots96.37MGS
Wacky PandaSlots95.94MGS
Wasabi SanVideo Slots96.56MGS
Wealth SpaVideo Slots96.59MGS
Whack-a-Jackpot - Scratch CardParlour95.03MGS
What a HootVideo Slots96.94MGS
What On EarthVideo Slots95.98MGS
Wheel of RichesParlour95.92MGS
Wheel Of WealthSlots96.04MGS
Wheel of Wealth Special EditionVideo Slots95.87MGS
Wheel of WinnersParlour95.92MGS
Wheel of WishesVideo Slots88.04MGS
White BuffaloVideo Slots95.57MGS
Wicked Tales: Dark RedVideo Slots96.1MGS
Wild CatchVideo Slots95.52MGS
Wild ChampionsParlour95.04MGS
Wild OrientVideo Slots97.49MGS
Wild ScarabsVideo Slots96.28MGS
Win Sum Dim SumVideo Slots96.28MGS
Winning WheelsAmuzement With Prizes96.5MGS
Winning WizardsVideo Slots95.46MGS
Winter GoldVideo Slots96.48MGS
Witch DrVideo Slots95.37MGS
Witches WealthVideo Slots95.5MGS
Wolf PackVideo Slots96.17MGS
Wooly WorldVideo Slots96.6MGS
World Cup ManiaVideo Slots96.56MGS
Your Lucky DayVideo Slots96.4MGS
Zany ZebraSlots94.96MGS
Zombie HoardVideo Slots95.29MGS



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