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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Review of Playtime Casino Kelowna in British Columbia.

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Playtime Casino Kelowna opened its doors just a couple of years ago, but even so, it’s still one of the most amazing, most beautiful casinos in all of British Columbia. Prepare for a whirlwind of promotions, gratis packages, and tons of fun games while you’re there.

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Casino Gaming Options:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • EZ Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Double Deck Blackjack
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

If you’re looking for a casino with interesting slot machine games and engaging table games, you should definitely check out what’s on Playtime Casino Kelowna’s menu. There are dozens and dozens of slot machines at your disposal, and a plethora of tables where you can test your luck at baccarat, blackjack, or poker.

Playtime Casino Kelowna – Dress Code

Playtime Casino Kelowna has a very simple code of conduct which incorporates the rules regarding the dress code.

As far as which clothes you should be wearing, nobody at the casino will mind for as long as your clothes aren’t in any way related to gangs (or have graphic and vulgar content).

Other simple rules include that all visitors must be at least 19-year old, you can’t carry weapons or illegal contraband items, and you shouldn’t come if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Of course, the same applies to bringing these items in – you shouldn’t bring in any type of weapon, food, or drink.

Food & Beverages

If you’ve been wondering what’s so special about the Playtime Casino Kelowna, the answer is quite simple – it has some of the finest restaurants in all of BC, Canada.

You’ll get the opportunity to taste the most delicious meals in Match Eatery and Public House, Personas, Atlas Steak + Fish, Gateway, and Red 21 Gaming Tap + Grill. Basically, each of these restaurants offers different kinds of menus and promotions, so it might be worth your while to check them all out.

Special Events/Promotions

Playtime Casino Kelowna is a relatively young casino, which is all the more reason why they host so many promotions and special events currently. You shouldn’t miss out the 2nd Anniversary of the casino which is scheduled for March 1st; you can win up to $2,000 and receive tickets for the Brad Paisley show; even if you don’t win anything, you’ll still get a piece of free cake and some snacks.

Other notable promotions include Cruisin’ Into Spring, Spin To Win High Rollers, I want My Baby Back Ribs, Cash is King, and plenty of other fun and engaging events.

Playtime Casino Kelowna Membership Info

The ‘Players Club’ is synonymous with Encore Rewards – a special ‘VIP’ program that nearly all of Canadian Casinos utilize.

There are numerous benefits to joining this program, starting with the fact that it’s completely free and available to everyone. You don’t even need to be a regular; just hand out your application (in person or online) with a valid ID, and you’ll get your own Encore Rewards profile card.

The Encore Rewards program allows you to enjoy your Playtime Casino Kelowna experience even further; you will receive various discounts on all the restaurants’ menus, and you can redeem your points for gratis free games on slot machines or table games.

Accommodation & Transportation

Reaching the 1300 Water Street is one of the easiest things ever; in fact, there’s a bus stop (Water at Cawston number 2) just outside the casino. The airport is miles away, so we don’t recommend flying in by a plane. Your best bet is to drive there with your own car (or with rent-a-car vehicle) or simply take the Water At Cawston bus.

If you decide to drive, your route will be different depending on whether you’re coming in from Downtown or from the North End.

If you are driving in from Downtown, take the Water Street and drive all the way up until you see the Stuart Park. Continue driving a bit more and you’ll see Cactus Club Cafe and Kelowna Yacht Club. The Casino is literally a few miles ahead.

If you are driving in from the North End, take the Richter Street until you reach the junction with Clement Avenue. Follow the Clement Avenue to the BNA Brewing Corporation and drive a bit further until you’ve reached the Prospera Place Arena. The Casino is a mile below.

Local Attractions

Kelowna is hugged by several mountains, and most national parks are located right beneath them. This city is perfect for trekkers and hikers, as there are so many beautiful sights to be seen, starting from Myra Canyon Park, over Lake Okanagan, to Knox Mountain Peak.

Since you’re already there, you should also check out the Downtown Marina Kelowna, Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure, Father Pandosy Mission, and Arlo’s Honey Farm.

Nearby Casinos

Kelowna is a relatively secluded, small place in British Columbia, and there are only two reputable casinos within its borders – Playtime Casino Kelowna and Chances Kelowna. If you still want to pursue other casinos, you’re going to need to drive for quite a bit, as the closest casino you’ll find is no less than a 3-hour drive away.

There’s the Chances Casino in Kamloops, which is one of the top rated BC Casinos; the Lake City Casino will definitely be worth your time, and the Treasure Cove Casino and Bingo at Prince George will undoubtedly become your favourite, if you don’t mind driving all the way down.

A Premier Casino Experience

Kelowna might be the most beautiful part of British Columbia. It’s surrounded by the Okanagan Lake, beautiful beaches, and very warm people. The Playtime Casino Kelowna is its jewel, without a doubt, as it embodies its most gorgeous aspects in full. This casino offers dozens of gaming options, the tastiest meals, tons of promotions, and a free Encore Rewards Membership program. There’s not a single downside to it, so why not give it a try?

Basic info – name, location, table games, slots, dress code

Name: Playtime Casino Kelowna

Games: 450 slots machines, table games,  blackjack, E-Roulette and Live Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Poker and EZ Baccarat.

Dress Code:  Smart, Casual

Address: 1300 Water St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9P3, Canada.

Telephone Numbers:
Tel: +(250) 860 9467

Opening Hours:

9:00am – 2:00am -Sunday – Thursday
9:00am – 3:00am – Friday – Saturday

4:30 PM – Close – Monday – Thursday
12:30 PM – Close – Friday – Sunday

4:30 PM – 2:00am – 7 Days a Week


British Columbia Lottery Corporation

You must be 19+ to gamble in British Columbia. Please gamble responsibly

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