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Casino of the Rockies

Recently updated on August 28th, 2023 at 03:57 pm

Review & Info Casino of the Rockies – St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

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Imagine if there were a place where you could golf, enjoy a cool pint, relax in a spa, attend (or even have your own) wedding, and earn some serious cash gambling. Well, Casino of the Rockies at St. Eugene Resort offers all of the above at a very reasonable and attractive price.

The Casino of the Rockies endured a plethora of transformations – it was an Indian Residential School, a golf course, and currently, it’s a Native-owned casino. Apart from having a rich history, it also has a tendency of making others filthy rich due to the fact that it offers numerous gambling opportunities, such as the free play-points through Encore rewards, very ‘loose’ slot machines, and plenty of table games.

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Casino of the Rockies  Games

Casino of the Rockies is extremely versatile in the sense that it offers numerous types of blackjack games, versions of poker, a multitude of roulette games, as well as a lot of custom games, like Scarab or Dragon Link.

On top of that, the Encore membership (which is basically free VIP membership available to everyone) makes every game a bit more fun and much more profitable – you’ll be able to earn free spins and receive an opportunity to attend special events and promotions simply by visiting the casino.

Casino Gaming Options:

Some would say that the Casino at the Rockies is a somewhat smaller gambling place since it has only a couple of hundred slot machines; the fact that there aren’t as many slots is easily compensated for with dozens of custom games, including electronic roulettes, electronic baccarat, and electronic blackjack.

Of course, if you’re a traditional gambler who wishes nothing but to sit at the table and converse with fellow gamblers, there are plenty of old-school games for you to choose from as well.

Casino of the Rockies  Dress Code

In a nutshell, there are no real rules regarding the casino dress code – dress however you please, but we do encourage you to actually dress for the occasion you intend to partake in.

Casino of the Rockies is an integral part of the St. Eugene resort which, apart from the fact that it has a wonderful casino, also hosts weddings and is a golf resort. As mentioned before, you can obviously indulge in all of the above simultaneously, if you wish so. General rules of courtesy apply, which basically means no weapons, don’t bring your own food, and don’t come intoxicated or under effects of any illegal substances.

Food & Beverages

Though it might be hard to pronounce for most people, Kiʔsuʔk k̓ikiⱡ is a place you definitely should check out while visiting Casino of the Rockies.

The name of this restaurant translates to Good Food in Ktunaxa language, which is exactly what you should be expecting from it. The restaurant is located right next to the slot machines, so whenever you get your appetite from all those winnings, grab a quick grub or a drink at the Kiʔsuʔk k̓ikiⱡ.

Special Events/Promotions

Just like you could probably guess, most upcoming events are based around Valentine’s Day. The Cupid’s Coin is one of the events scheduled for the 14th of February, but there are all sorts of other events that are held daily, such as:

  • Horse-race Mondays, where you can earn up to twenty thousand free-play points
  • Terrific Tuesdays, allowing you earn up to 2,000 free-play points and a free meal
  • Ladies Night every Wednesday
  • Boost Your Jackpot, where you can win up to $500 and free-play points each Friday
  • Savoury Sunday, where gamblers can have some respite at the Kiʔsuʔk k̓ikiⱡ restaurant each Sunday

Casino of the Rockies  Membership Info

The only type of casino membership available at the Casino of the Rockies is regulated by the ‘Encore’ membership cards. Applying for Encore cards is completely free of charge, although you’ll need a piece of a government-issued ID for formal purposes.

Basically, the Encore rewards are accumulated (and used) over six-month periods upon their activation. During this time, you’ll get to climb up the VIP ladder by visiting the casino and spending (and earning) money there.

There are three Encore Membership levels measured in ‘diamonds’; you’ll advance your membership level by earning ‘diamonds’. A diamond is earned each time you redeem at least $1,000 (or more, obviously). Diamond members get discounts on lodgings, dining areas, golf courses, and casino merchandise, plus exclusive access to all of the casino promotions.

Accommodation & Transportation

The casino offers luxurious rooms and attractive package deals which may or may not include some of the other activities the resort offers (casino benefits, spa center, golf course access, and such). Each ‘package’ gives you access to exclusive features; for instance, the Casino Room package will benefit you a $10 casino voucher and $10 food voucher while Encore members will be granted even further discounts.

Local Attractions

Canadian Museum of Rail Travel is the most frequently visited attraction of Cranbrook, just like the Jimsmith Lake Provincial Park, the Western Financial Place, and the Cranbrook Community Forest. Other notable attractions include the Cranbrook Downrown Revitalization Project Plaque, the Baker Park, the Key City Theatre, and the Cranbrook Aquatic Centre.

Nearby Casinos

Apart from Casino of the Rockies, some of the most popular Cranbrook Casinos are the Little Chef, Stoney Nakoda Resort, Casino Fun, Calgary Casino Rentals, Happy Go Lucky Party Casino, and the Grey Eagle. If you don’t mind driving further down the road, you might also want to check out the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary, or the Alberta Fun Money Casino at the 25th Avenue.

A Premier Casino Experience

The Casino of the Rockies is a very reputable place, and rightly so. It offers premium accommodation, a huge variety of gambling opportunities, and exquisite food at the Kiʔsuʔk k̓ikiⱡ. If you’re the type of person who values simplicity and traditional values, you shouldn’t miss out on all the opportunities Casino of the Rockies has to offer.

Basic info – name, location, table games, slots, dress code

Name: Casino of the Rockies

Games: 210 slots machines, table games, blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Fast Action Hold’em,Three Card Poker and roulette.

Dress Code:  Casual, Smart

Address: 7777 Mission Rd, Cranbrook, BC V1C 7E5, Canada.

Telephone Numbers:
Toll-Free: 1-877-417-2772

Opening Hours:
10am – 12am – Sunday – Thursday
10am – 2am – Friday – Saturday


British Columbia Lottery Corporation

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